Second Survival

So im running into trouble with the second survival world boss. I came here to see some advice but the video is mad outdated since the difficulty has been way ramped up. Every time i play this map i run into a sharra, a tethra, a primeval colossus and 1-2 crack thorn beasts. There are also countless safeguards pulled to get even more value out of these champs. In the vid on this map all you ever see summoned by the ai is some commons that are pretty easy to handle and the epic and rare ranged which, if prepared for, you can deal with. Though i have no idea how to deal with such large bodies on such a small map when they come at you so fast and pull cheesy bs like safeguarding them as well.

Edit i forgot that he also like pull out ground shakers and oak fathers…joy

**had to edit one more time, because im a sadist and tried again and now a garudan got pulled too…fk this broken map

10 days and not a single reply, I don’t know if you still need it but here it is. I am curious why there is so little acivity on the Faeria hub. Perhaps there is a different place where the community talks…

With this deck I managed to beat it after 3 tries. You need to be lucky with your draws, as wel as the enemies’.
I also beat the third survival with this deck btw.


3x Defender of Homeland
3x Court Jester
3x Healing Song


3x Ruunin’s Guidance
3x Shamanic Dance
3x Elderwood Embrace
3x Living Willow
3x Wood Elemental
3x Grove Guardian
3x Wild Avenger