Serious issues with grinding

Hi lads, I want to comment something that I think is a problem when it comes to grinding.

Only 100 per won match. You need to win 10 matches to get your 1000 if you’re playing constructed. Taking into account that every single match can last between 10 and 15 mins (maybe more) then it doesn’t take a special kind of person to tell that you need 2 hours and a half to get you 1000. And that if you win every match.

And you may say “then play pandora”… well the situation doesn’t get any better. An average (and new) player wins maybe 2 or 3 matches in pandora, that’s only 200 gold or more, it depends on your skill… but you may also be needing 1 1/2 hour… almost the same amount of time as constructed.

You’ll see, I can’t play 4 hours a day because I have a life. I think devs should reconsider the reward system because I think is not really fair.

In infinity wars you get rewards everytime you log in, and if you log in several days in a row, you get better and better rewars (rift run tokens (pandora), packs, etc) And also you take much less time to buy a pack.

Seriously, reconsider.

You also get a few hundred to a thousand for each daily challenge and a bonus for your first win every day. That’s (sometimes more than) a pack every 2 days if you play to just 1 win every day. Then the packs themselves are more generous than other CCGs, with much higher rates of getting higher rarity cards.

Dead/dying CCGs sometimes drop their prices, but for a current CCG with a full team working on it, Faeria is extremely cheap.

I’m saying this as a F2P player with almost a full collection. I’ve been playing for just a few months and most days I only play 1 or 2 matches. Compare that with a game like Hearthstone, where I’ve been playing for a few years and I’m still missing almost half the cards, including over 100 Legendary cards. A lot of digital CCGs are priced even higher than physical CCGs and still somehow have high populations.

Faeria has a lot of ways to get a full collection without spending a cent, so maybe you just need to rethink your strategy for growing your collection - it could be that grinding a pack per day is a lot less fun for you than just doing your daily challenges and getting a pack every couple of days. It could be that you might want to look at doing your challenges with a Pandora practice coin or simply revisiting your strategy for what kind of deck you’re playing.

Aurora’s Disciple OTK is a really cheap deck to craft that most people seem to have fun playing and can splash with any different colour (OK, maybe not Red) if you’re doing daily challenges. It doesn’t have the same win rate as some other popular decks, but I don’t think it’s as far off as you might expect.


As Amaznazaz say, its a free to play game and you have really so many way to get card fastly without money.
You can reach a good deck easily (i help a player who start playing 2 day ago, by disentanching some card and with some solo/pandora/ladder, he get 75% of a top tier deck …).
The game give you a card you don’t own at every level up.
i know many guys want all, right now and for free, but remember one objectiv in that game is to play to get more card, its not a “all in the box” game.
And as always, i really want mention that there is not many CCG or TCG free to play with that kind of reward …

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