Several Change and Card Ideas

Game changes:

Remove the 20 life cap on player orbs. This enables decks to exist that combine healing with using orb health as a resource.

Allow players to modify decks that aren’t using in the ranked queue.

Allow us to BUY SHARDS ALREADY! And/or include them randomly in small bursts with lame packs or wins, or for logging in daily.

Allow structures to be played on opposing prairies/plains.

Dark Shrine - Structure - 3 Faeria, 2 Mountains, 5 Life.
Effect: Whenever your opponent would gain life, they lose that much life instead.
Notes: An attempt to put slower red burn back on the map... maybe? Blocks healing to make Forbidden Library less good, makes many strong meta-relevant cards less potent (Healing Song, Siphon Life, others).

Natural Strength - Event - 4 Faeria, 2 Forests
Effect: Until end of turn, creatures deal damage equal to their life, rather than their attack, when attacking.
Notes: Rewards green for playing it’s numerous creatures with higher life than attack, much like red gets with it’s angry (higher attack than life) creatures. Fickle as an event though, yet pretty potent. Note that it works on opposing creatures as well, and they thus get weaker after combat.

Invert Power - Event - 3 Faeria, 3 Mountains
Effect: Target creature takes damage equal to it's attack.
Notes: Powerful, cheap removal against high attack creatures.

Steal Strength - Event - 2 Faeria, 3 Deserts
Effect: Target opposing creature gets -2 attack. Target creature you control gets +1 attack.
Notes: Yeah this just feels right.

Mass Evolution - Event - ? Faeria, 2-3 Lakes.
Effect: Target any number of friendly creatures with Aquatic lose Aquatic and gain +1 attack. Friendly creatures that lacked Aquatic gain Flying.

Dark Plot - Event - 1 Faeria, 3 Mountains.
Effect: While in hand: If your opponent would gain life (orb) they instead lose that much life, and this card is discarded from your hand. Or: discard a card and gain 3 Faeria.
Notes: an alternative to Dark Shrine. And a whole new angle.

I love your card ideas! They feel very YuGiOh - esque (although that’s not to say that’s where the idea came from), and introduce a whole new angle to the game. Balance issues aside, I would really like to see some of these implemented.

On the other hand, I’m not sure what you mean by buy shards. If you mean buy special cards that are the same as Pandora shards that you can include into your deck, then no. Just no. There’s a reason why Pandora shards exist in Pandora, and that is to give players a nail to drive in the coffin in overly protracted games that would otherwise be a silly back and forth struggle between non-synergistic decks. It’s something for the fun factor, not something that should exist in competitive play.

Ah no, that’d be nuts! Pandora is okay to me, I guess. I’m talking about the blue shards people use to craft specific cards.

Oh, memoria they call it. I remember somebody did a statistic that a pack gets you about 20 memoria on average. So if they sold it for a much better price than that nobody would buy packs. And if they sold it for that (whatever the average is), nobody would buy it, as buying packs also gives the excitement of opening something new every once in a while.

All in all, what I’m saying is it’s probably never going to happen. Sorry.

Still really nice card design though!

I mean, maybe not sell it for money, but they should give memoria out as well as gold, or at least in small amounts (for winning matches, logging in, playing your first game, etc).

And what specific balance issues in my cards? Invert Power and Natural Strength do seem a bit too cheap…

Here’s some more!

Power Thief - Creature - 4 Faeria, 2 Deserts
Attack: 0, Life: 4
Abilities: Opposing creatures adjacent to Power Thief have -1 attack. For each opposing creature weakened this way, Power Thief has +1 attack.
Notes: Trying something new and trying to make attack reduction and attack stealing a yellow thing. Art would be a sketchy figure in a cloak, with glowing trinkets, with one in hand producing a gentle flame. Could be modified with Dash 1 to get him/her more in the action.

Avatar of Speed - Creature - 5 Faeria, 2 Deserts.
Attack: 4, Life 3
Abilities: Dash 1, Flying. Other friendly creatures with dash also have flying.
Notes: I thought about Haste actually being one of the relevant abilities here, rather than Dash/Flying. Then I stopped trying to be so damn scary. Still probably needs another desert required, or only affects adjacent creatures, or something.

Culling Season - Event - 3 Faeria, 2 Forests
Effect: Target creature loses 1 life. You may do this again, for as many times as you control forests.
Notes: Yeah, I’ll take the genius trophy now, hunnies. This flavorful creation is one of my favorites yet. It brings something a little new to green, and works well with Bloomsprite and Elderwood Hermit, among other words, as well as helping out green’s lesser used forest-creation cards (anything not Wood Elemental or the eternally lovely Landsplash event (As you can see, I have trouble remembering card names, no wonder my rank is meh)). Rewards playing forests, death benefit, and high-health decks.

Guerilla Tactics - Event - X Faeria
Effect: This event costs Faeria equal to the number of creatures you control with ranged. Until end of turn, creatures with ranged can move and attack in the same turn.
Notes: Straightforward, probably well balanced, yet powerful, gives a boost to the game’s ranged creatures, and can fit in any faction.

God’s Choice - Event - 1 Faeria, 2 Lakes OR 0 Faeria, 3 Lakes
Effect: Refesh your power wheel. You cannot build prairies this turn.
Notes: Plains? Praries? You get the picture. Just like Guerilla Tactics, this card has a unique cost that brings something new to the game. Intended to enable cheap splashing, as much as I love mono-colored decks. In order to get that card or land, you will need Faeria, or in order to get that land, card, or Faeria, you will need three lakes.

Raw Strength - Event - 5 Faeria
Effect: Your creatures than already lack abilities get +1 Attack until end of turn. All creatures lose all abilities until end of turn.
Notes: Counters some of the game’s powerful abilities, while rewarding both players for using creatures that lack them. Counteracts Taunt, Protection, Death Touch, Flying, Last Word abilities… etc. Feels almost blue or green.

Wind of Will - Event - 3 Faeria, 3 Desert
Effect: the next creature you play has Dash 3. It gains +1 Attack for each space it moves with Dash.
Notes: Coordinates in a most lovely way with Haste, or sets you up really nicely for an attack next turn.

Ancient Sandworm - Creatures - 6 Faeria, 3 Deserts
Attack: 3, Life: 8
Abilities: Cannot move on non-deserts. Instead of moving normally, can teleport to a desert. Last Words: create a desert on this occupied space.
Notes: I love yellow rush, don’t get me wrong, but I would like to see yellow have more long-game capability than what I have seen so far. Makes your desert placement quite relevant.

Forward Keep - Structure - 4 Faeria, 2 Mountains
6 life
Abilities: Taunt, can be played on opposing prairies.

Kobold Serf - Creature - 2 Faeria, 2 Mountains
0 Attack, 3 Life
Structures played adjacent to this creature have Gift: gain 1 Faeria, and have +2 life.

God’s choice won’t do what you want it to do.

A card that costs 3 lakes won’t improve splashing at all. Instead it is a free cantrip that let’s blue build more combo heavy decks.
I don’t like that design.

Most of the other cards are severely under powered but I like some ideas. The Ancient sand worm is on of those. But as a 3/8 for 6F it is just unplayable.

Forward keep looks weird to me. It looks like it is intended to be played in a rush deck. But wouldn’t you rather use your faeria in a way to pressure your opponent in rush?

Hey thanks for the critical feedback. Yeah God’s Change could be a work in progress.

A lot of my cards are weak because I’m cautious. Sandworm could probably use a +1/+1? Forward Keep… I could see being used in a lot of ways. Aggressively, or as an anti-rush card sometimes. Or as a more midrange board control card.