Severe performance issues

This game runs waaay too slow and requires waaaay too much VRAM.

It requires 1gb while torchlight 2 requires 512mb in comparison.

Not enough, disabling animated backgrounds only work for the main menu.

On top of that, there are several animations eating up performance, like foil cards and now even animated backgrounds.

No, lowering quality does not help.

Add a setting to turn off all and any animations.

I found that lowering the resolution and running in windowed mode makes a big difference for me. So sadly I have low quality gameplay on my MacBook. However, my PC runs like a champ and I can enjoy the game there np

Runs great on the PC for me, but iPad leaves a lot to be desired.

I’d like to jump in here to say the game still crashes repeatedly on iPad mini 2

A patch was just deployed to help with performance issues caused by the animated cardbacks :slight_smile: