Sfasano, that guy

Hi I’m Sfasano the Italian guy.
You may remember me from beating my ass on ladder or for my meaningless badly written arguments against red.

Some of you may know me for some random meme i threw on discord, such as:
Best streams

Or some of you may remember me for streams where nothing I say is intelligible whatsoever and the video quality is less than bad.
But some of you thinks I might be the best singer in the world:
Even if I love them both, they’re wrong.
The best singer and voice awards goes to Atmaz.

As you know, Italian people need two things in order to keep living.

  1. Pizza
  2. Attention Whoring (this may not be true)

So, if you actually understood a single sentence of what I said until now, you’ve now graduated into Italianism you can make pizza, mafia and Berlusconi as much as you want, but only if you vote for me for the next Monthly cup.

Also, Give Whale More Hp


Thanks to all my bois

Link here (not only to vote for me)


I voted for you mate