Shop Error

Hi. Bought some gems through the Google Play Store, but it hasn’t been added to my account yet.

I get an error message that forces me to quit the game. I took a screenshot of the message if you can look into this for me please.

I don’t need a gem refund. I just want to use it to play Oversky.

Many thanks

Try emailing

Thank you, will do.

Did you ever get your issue resolved? How long did it take? I just encountered the same problem recently and I haven’t heard back from support yet.

Not resolved yet. The support team have been helpful and in constant contact though. Waiting to hear back from them. When did you email them?

Hey, I have the same problem too now. Used google play credit to buy gem starter kit. I’ve been told that google play is not allowed yet, but will be sometime in the future, so I keep trying. Every time before yesterday, transaction was declined. This time, it was successful. Then app crashed. Now every time I go to Shop or Pandora, app crashes. Worse yet, my google play credits have been used, but I didn’t get ANY gems!

Yep. Got the same message. Its an issue affecting multiple users. They’re on the case.