Shop Improvements

Well the first improvement I’d make is double the number of deals of the week. Cosmetics are all up to personal taste, and 2 choices makes it a higher chance that a player would like something in the shop

Another thing is that the Adventure pre-order should be in the shop as well. Show the actual discount beside the price so people know how much they are saving by buying it early

I’d like to see more cosmetic sets sold in the shop. Khalim, ruunin’s, and dragon set should all be in the shop. or Rotate them out like you do with the deals of the week

There should also be other assorted sets/bundles. Sell the Dark Wisp avatar + 5 battle chests + 1 mythic chest + 1 pandora coin as a bundle. Things like this are a nice starter set for new players (on top of the starter one in steam store), but this one you can change frequently