Should Faeria add in a few beautiful women avatars to the game?

It only hit me recently after the change from F2P model to P2P model that I realized that the company that runs the game Faeria must be struggling financially.

I then immediately took a look at the cash shop and realized they lack beautiful women as cosmetic options for avatars. This actually surprised me, because no matter what, males are typically going to be the majority of players in most online games. Most of the MMO games typically at least have a few options that uses females as cosmetics to get people to spend some money.

All in all, I really enjoy this game and hope this game can stay around, and in the off chance, be able to succeed as a profitable company instead of being shut down. I just feel that they might not have taken advantage of every option they can to get in income. Such as what I just pointed out. What is your opinion about this?

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I think it’s a great idea. I don’t think I would really hurt the image of the game because, as you say, basically every online fantasy game has a reasonable assortment of slightly undressed, sexy young females. Taking advantage of the hormones of teenaged boys in video games has become as usual as pricing items in shops 99$ instead of 100$ so I think it would only give it bonuses. The downsides might be that some people might call it selling out. Or that girls (or weird men) that do play the game get offended. I guess you need to weigh the pros and cons and figure which path you want to take the game.

My personal opinion is this: The game mechanics of faeria are brilliant but from the outside the game might look too generic or unexciting. I think it might help make the game more “appealing” to younger male audiences.
But that’s just my opinion. I am after all a teenaged boy so I might be a little biased :wink:

Which boy wants to put girl as his avatar…
Most popular games has little to do with that imagery (which to me always associated with cheap quality and lack of seriousness in the game)

You forgot something else - women play video games too! And some of them might want to play as their gender. As long as the female avatars are not scantily clad or overly busty, we need more of them! And cute female yaks too!

I would like to disagree with you on that. Take a game like Overwatch. It has quite a few attractive female characters but would you call it cheaply made or not serious? Attractive females in games may have been a sign of poor quality back in the day but in a game with gameplay that is of high quality like overwatch or faeria it only serves as another, perhaps slightly tasteless, form of advertising. Now if you’re talking about games like League of Angels I totally get where you’re coming from. The gameplay or story isn’t innovative or interesting and the only reason it has gotten a sequel is because of teenaged boys, but not all games with attractive women in it are bad quality. And as @Nettlesoup said, girls play the game too so if you make the “attractive” avatars tasteful, girls would probably want to buy them as well :slight_smile:

“Undressed, sexy young females for horny teenage boys” is not the same as just attractive female characters (we already have a few), so lets not pretend.

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Don’t lewd Sharra plz

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Yes, I would? What are you trying to say here?


In my opinion avatars should just be cool looking, not hot looking. I’d never select a character that looks like some ho. I would however select a female robot ninja.

I don’t need more females for the characters, i need sound added to the emotes of existing characters!

To clarify things, in the modern day, people tend to view the word “beautiful” with the word “sexy” interchangeably. This isn’t always true.

In the case of my thread, depending on the style of the game, the definition of beauty can vary a lot. The image I had in my mind when creating this thread was more in the line of a woman that is simply beautiful looking and dresses elegantly. That’s pretty much it. Of course, this might not always be true, since the theme of the game could have her be a farm girl, traveler, warrior…etc.

I’d be all for a cute farm girl, or an adorable female yak. This is not the first thread to debate such a topic, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But as long as we have total slayers like khalim and the traveler, let’s flesh out our Pantheon with a wider variety of characters. We’ve got sharra, gabrian enchantress, magda, and Aurora (who all totally slay) and that’s it for females. Meanwhile, every yak is male (except maybe peace blossom, though it could go either way) and pretty much all of the other avatars are male. Let’s get some more women in the game. If suggestions are needed, I can recommend a few I’d like to see. The girl in unlikely hero, laya (both sorrow version and Shadow version), and a female version of the traveler (though admittedly the original is ambiguous enough that you could argue for either way, but he’s always looked more stereotypically masculine to me). Agree? Disagree?

Yeah I don’t think we need boob avatars lmao

Faeria actually has a pretty good split of male and female characters in its lore and avatars. Just most characters aren’t human so it’s kind of hard to tell.

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Okay now that’s actually really good.

Yes I was wrong in comparing slutty women with just attractive women that @Weizi meant, my bad.

Which characters do you mean when you say that? Because as far as I can remember, we only have two female humanoid (three counting gabrian enchantress) avatars in the game and i’m pretty sure old turtles don’t count as attractive.

I was trying to say that a game doesn’t have to have bad quality gameplay just because it has some sexy female characters in it. I have picked up from different sources that overwatch has some good and innovative gameplay mechanics (I haven’t actually played the game) but maybe I was wrong in comparing overwatch with faeria.

Yes, I just found this (now old) topic, and I must say, as much for Faeria than Roguebook, a strong sexyish female leader would be appreciated.
Maybe not even a human, it could be a Tiki queen, a Gabrian duchess or any other idea you might get.
Of course just classy not too much.
Maybe Jen the main artist being a woman can’t really see what boys wants :stuck_out_tongue:
It could also be an androgynous character.
Feel free to come up with your own ideas.