Show mythic cards by default in deck builder

After 15+ hours of gameplay by accident I noticed that mythic cards are not shown by default in the deck builder.
I wondered where my cards were I got in the battle chests. Some of my cards I had only as mythic and it took me over 15hours to realize.
Even now it is so annoying that when I want to build a deck I have to click the search button and click on mythic every time.
Show mythics by default or at least make it clear that not all cards are shown by default.


I agree with this.

I had no idea how to see my mythic cards until I read this post.

Fully agree. Not sure why when building a deck or checking my collection I have to manually show Mythic cards each time.

I had the same problem as well. I think it is done that way to reduce clutter. Maybe they could make it more clear?

Another new player who had the same problem. There are a few threads on reddit as well.
I think this is a major flaw which frustrates new players.

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