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I have made a few suggestions in Discord channel #feedback, but to make sure Abrakam will see it I decided to create a topic here. So, I will just “Ctrl+C” “Ctrl+V” from #feedback :

It would be great to make the Faeria launcher with some news, settings like language, logging in, etc. A lot of people who ain’t in our discord miss some news. Also, some clickable objects on the map during game could be great.

It could be great if after player pressed “Surrender”, their avatar says like “You win. I concede”. At all, all players could be very happy to see unique emotes for EACH avatar. Yeah, that is a lot of work for Abrakam and translators (but I think we could be really happy to do it), but if we will do this, game will become REALLY-REALLY fresh.

Please rework the faeria cost filter in the way that you can choose only one button. For example: firstly I want to find the Tree of Everlife and press “7”, but then I change my mind and want to find true tree, Faeria Tree, but to do it, I need to press “7” again and only then press “2”. That’s so usseles and uncomfortable.

That’s all yet, feel free to complete my thoughts.

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I saw the suggestion on Discord, and I have a few to add on.

Since the original feature is aiming to take care of both single-select and multi-select, I think it’ll be good to add a reset button.

Let’s take a look at some situations:

single-selected >> single-selected
single-selected >> multi-selected
multi-selected >> single-selected
multi-selected >> multi-selected

In order to speed the process, a reset button is a brief way to achieve it in my opinion. However, single-select is likely the main demand among players (making a poll to know the exact need?), due to the reason of avoiding too many clicks, a only-single-select button may be needed as @shpagZZZa suggested above.

That’s all I’ve come up with for now, thanks for reading through my first post on the hub!

I think the best way to do this would be to “decouple” emotes from avatars and give us the option to buy them separately. After all, we can put a Seifer avatar inside Magda’s orb, should we wish to do so, but for some reason we cannot combine Magda’s avatar with Ruunin’s emotes. Or buy the emotes after getting the avatar from a Mythic chest. It’s not like they are voiced, so this shouldn’t be a problem…

An “export deck/copy deck” button would also be very useful, for uploading decks to the Hub or sharing them with friends. Or simply for trying out different card combinations in the same deck without needing to remember what the original was… Even Hearthstone (shock horror!) has this feature now - why can’t Faeria?

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Adventure Pouch FAQ

A quote from the post of the link above:

NOTE: This post has been edited to make a correction regarding an earlier statement that the Emperor Avatar cosmetic will feature the voice acting as well. While it is our full intention to implement this feature in the future, it currently does NOT have voice acting enabled.

So it seems to be that voice acting for the characters was something planned, and it may happen in the future.