Simple and elegant way to balance rush in Faeria

After gaining some experience in Faeria, I understood the main problem of rush. Faeria is balanced by tempo and getting mana. How works the exchange of equivalent decks? Rusher drops creatures near the enemy’s orb. Defender blocks his orb. Creatures die and both players remain without mana and cards. Then rusher and defender drops one creature per turn. BUT rusher can hit orb and defender can change his blocker next turn! So defenders health gradually decreases in the process of protection! Bingo, rusher wins with equivalent exchange!
This problem does not depend on the rush color. This is the mechanics of Faeria generally. So In any case, the aggressor has better chances when the “go face” moment has come.
I suggest a fast attack mechanics for creatures planted on three cells around own orb. So any creature can fast attack enemy’s creature in current turn. But cant move like haste creature. Accordingly, the rusher will not be able to attack the orb without exchanging.
IMHO such simple mechanic can improve rush balance in Faeria.

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Rush isn’t broken


Rush makes the majority of cards unplayable and redundant rush makes two thirds of the board meaningless and rush simply isn’t fun to play against.


People always complain about a Rush meta and say it’s too overpowered, in most of the card games I’ve played. Without Rush, the greediest decks are the best, because there’s nothing that keeps them in check. Losing to a greedy deck is a lot worse than losing to an Aggro deck. Against a deck that plays stall mechanics, removal, and has a generally slow play style, you have to sit there and watch them wait you out and do nothing because they don’t have to. Half the game would be you hoping you could keep something on the board long enough for it to matter. Against Rush, you might get tilted because you’re almost always under pressure, but you interact with your opponent and if you lose, it doesn’t feel like a waste of time. Every archetype has it’s place in this game and wishing one particular one away just tells me that you play a lot of decks that lose to what you’re complaining about. Be careful what you wish for.


Your problem with Rush seems to be that you are trying to block your orb. Don’t. Collecting is more important. In general, the defensive player should get creatures onto the board first, and they should be positioned so that they can collect BEFORE trading off with whatever the opponent plays. It really isn’t difficult to beat rush at the moment. In truth, Faeria is biased in favor of the defensive decks who get to build lands more efficiently. Frnakly, the only reason yellow rush can function is thanks to the broken card that is khalim’s prayer.


I think rushing is too difficult to handle. …I’ve built my deck around it, and with the addition of a few more cards, I think I might better be able to handle it in the future…

but the rush-game is so tight. a single mistake and you’re done, (making it --WAY-- easier for attacker to win than the defender to win, respectively,) …

my biggest problem with it, is that lately I have seen it absolutely PROVEN that they do not need to collect faeria to win the game. Not yellow, or even red.

If the go straight down the center, neglect their own wells and are blocked off from mine, then they should be faeria starved after a few turns. …but nope… faeria collection is totally optional for them…

Rushing has never been an issue for me (I am rocking mono-green however). If you’re having issues, there’s a good article on defending against rushes, including land placement, in the guide section. Other than that just make sensible trades. You’re bound to lose the odd game when you draw poorly, or they draw super well, but that’s the nature of the game.

ramora is right. steps to beating rush:
-landblock, to prevent them getting critical spots (especilly the harvest + attack orb spot with haste craetures)
-body block, yellow doesnt have good aoe removal other than doomsday
-resource block. in this case, use life as a resource, and let them attack orb as you harvest faeria. a rush that doesnt harvest will lose steam eventually
-trade, yellow has very weak body creatures. so their creatures dont last long
-taunt, prevents attacking orb, and since yellow has weak body creatures, trading into taunt creatures is usually a bad trade
-counterattack when they lose steam


Ive played many ccgs and tbh faeria makes rush very balanced

Rush is сompletely broken.
Look previous Battle of the Gods tournament Almost every player had a rush deck in the set.
In current meta Faeria Monthly Cup IX top players did not play pure rush. BUT stongest meta decks are some kind of fast control with a huge opportunity to rush if it’s necessary. In fact, control fights end with more successful switching to “go face” moment. It’s funny that rush is not OP wherein. Rush hard counter with taunt, spells, spam creatures, outrush ets. But rush ruins any type of decks which cannot sustain the pace of land creation and orb defense with tempo creatures. So the best antirush decks сompulsorily contain the elements of rush. This severely restricts the game.

Your first link is Luu90 vs Engywook. luu90 played a GR midrange deck and a three wishes control deck. Engywook played a RY rush deck, a GY sac control list, and a Blue midrangey combo list.

In the second link, you state yourself that players didn’t bring any rush lists. In total, that means there was 1 rush list played by any of the players you linked to.

You are correct in stating that the best decks, regardless of whether or not they are rush, play all the most efficient cards though.

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my opinion is that I hate the hell out of rush, but somehow or another I still manage to maintain a decent win-rate against them.

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I only posted links to the first videos. Look whole tournaments for conclusion.
My thought is not about the best cards. Most top decks now can switch to face in rush style. Creatutes can once hit orb without trade. This is the Faeria mechanics as a whole.

My main issue with rush is that we don’t currently have any practical ways to destroy or take control of enemy lands. Or creatures with the ability to attack and move onto the space they beat.

The idea that a rush is “starved out” is somewhat misleading as you don’t always get the option to secure resources depending on your draw/deck. A lot of the time you’ll be forced to put land up just to defend against your foes land placement or to place enough of one color just so you can summon to defend. This doesn’t always allow you the option to collect, thus putting you on the back foot vs the aggressor.

In short rush feels like it comes down to luck of the draw, if you’re all in you’re planning to win or lose in the first couple of turns making 2/3rds of your deck effectively pointless. There’s not much in the way of tactical choice or strategy when you’re relying purely on top decking for the majority of rounds in every game.

All in all it be nice if we had a few more mechanics to discourage the strategy. If they gave us more ways to edit the board state via destruction or taking control it might also make more sense to make spawning land next to creatures specific to those with a particular ability. This would make it a back and forth struggle for land control instead of the current rush to plop down as much as you can as close to your opponents well as possible.

actually thats one reason i like to play blue, you can move their lands away from your orb (sunken tower, shifting tide), then replace it. even worse, if you get baeru out, and turn all their lands into lakes, its GG at that point