Single player impressions

I finished all the single player content and I really enjoyed it overall.

The epic quests are exactly the kind of single player content I was hoping to see. I liked them a lot, they were very creative. The Krog and the fatigue ones were my favorites. I had to spend some time coming up with a strategy for them.

The regular quests were alright, but they were too easy since the AI isn’t very good at the game. It was nice to play against some decks that other people don’t play. I would’ve liked them more if I was still new to the game, since the challenge would’ve been more appropriate then.

I’m not sure the Furago challenges were a good idea. I like the idea of fighting against an opponent that cheats by using treasures. Problem is, he’s still not that challenging since the AI misplays so much. It didn’t feel like the challenges ever got much harder. The challenges got a bit repetitive later on, especially since they always have the same dialogue.

I sort of like that you only got one chance to beat the challenges, since it made them feel more tense. Not allowing repeats punishes new players though, who are the ones who’d need those booster packs more. It might annoy new players too much, if they can’t win against it and miss out on the boosters. The risk aspect was diminished by the AI’s flaws too. It doesn’t know how to play against some decks. You could win against it with them easily, despite the AI having better cards.

The puzzles were interesting and fun, although most of them were too easy. Many of them only took me a couple of seconds to solve. Only around five of them were challenging. The one with the Ninja Toad and Prophet of Tides was really good. That one took me a while to figure out.

I was a bit disappointed that the new content didn’t expand on the lore much at all. The very short dialogue didn’t reveal much about the world. It seems like there is a lot of story behind the cards, but it just isn’t told anywhere. I hope future content will tell more of the backstory.

I would’ve liked to replay the epic quests, so it’s a shame that you can only beat them once. Some of them have really unique content, like the different boards. It would’ve been nice to be able to use those more than once.

Thanks for the single player content, I had a lot of fun with it. I was disappointed it ended, since I would’ve liked to play more of it. I hope there’ll be more added in the future.


Yup, I’d really like to play again some epic quests with a new strategy, and try to find other solutions for puzzles I’ve already done…
Even if we don’t gain anything by doing it, could we have a list of what epic quests/puzzles we have done and do them again ?

Thanks for the solo mode, that was fun ! Special thanks to whoever designed puzzle #34 it felt great :slight_smile: