Skipped Last Mission in Tutorial

I’m a new player of Faeria, and when I reached the last mission of the tutorial, I chose to surrender to restart the mission since I could see that there was no possible way to win. Instead of sending me back to the tutorial scene, it advanced me to the main menu. Is there any way to go back to the tutorial?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello! Unfortunately there’s no replay feature available anymore for previously completed missions.
You should know that that fight is one that people often lose, you only get one chance at it, I don’t believe you get anything extra for actually winning.
It shouldn’t be a problem though! Good luck, have fun.

Hello Sulphur,

You are only half right. Normally, the mission remains there until you actually win. And you do get some reward for it. If I remember rightly, just cards.

As you said, the lack of replay not a problem, as you will get the cards eventually anyway, from opening battle chests.

I did spot a bug though. When you complete all the mission packs, they get replaced with “wild” mission packs. Meaning it’s no longer possible to get the missions completion reward (dragon cardback). I hope they fix this during the P2P transition on 18 July

Alright, I see, and thank you both! But I was wondering if there is any plot dialogue that’s important? I assumed that it was a challenging but possible fight not one you were meant to lose to see dialogue…

Unlike in Elder Scrolls Legends, for instance, the missions are not connected to each other in any way. So you are not missing out on anything important. In the Oversky missions, there is some sort of a connection, but the dialogue is minimal. It’s more recent though, so unlikely to be bugged.