Sky Yak

Hi. This picture will speak for itself. First time i play with Sky Yak and it really messed up the game balance. Suggestions: (1) Put a limit to the number of copies. (2) Make the copies not identical (“Sky Yak Companian” with same stats so that copies don’t raise the spawn-constant-value. (3) Complete rework; make another ability that fits the sky theme for Sky Yak.

I’m not sure if it’s OP, but there are some very strong synergies, especially around duplicating yak cards - aurora’s creation.

IMHO it might be better to go back to the original wording where each spawn had 1 more - rather than 2 times - the number of yaks. As I would understand it, you’d simply move all the friendly sky yaks from the graveyard (dead cards) to the board (or until no more available tiles). This way there could only be as many dead yaks as you’d explicitly summoned. This would make it more consistent, but weaker - so it might need a small buff. It would also fit better with their lore.

Another thing to note - it may not seem so at first glance, but froggifying/transforming/(maybe swallowing) the first sky yak is often worth it, as even with just vs 3 sky yak cards you potentially remove 3 free units.

I think the problem is the blue card that lets you make a copy of any critter. Change it to “any opponents critter” or “Any non-legendary critter except for a sky yak”…

The sky yak craziness and the duplication of the over powered legend that reduces the attack of all creatures each turn (seeing that more and more above rank 10) just make things a bit sad. The sky yak madness is funny the first time you see it… then it is just sad. I’ve done it a couple of times (stumbled on it by accident in a 4 color deck where the yaks were meant to be sacrificed…) but no longer do as it is pure cheese. Your opponent must have the red 3 damage to all creatures card, their own yak posse, or the yellow card that obliterates everything… or lose.