Slam ability: Bug or just a terrible description?

“SLAM: When this creature attacks it also damages every enemy adjacent to the target”
Sharra Dragon slayer: “Ignores all damage equal to 4 or more”

But when Siefer attacks Sharra SLAM doesn’t trigger.
Does anyone know if it works against protection?

What do you think? Bug? or just an bad description of how SLAM is supposed to work?

Probably intended. Sharra’s ability ignores the hit completely, deathtouch etc doesn’t work. So she probably “absorbs” the slam. I’m not sure how it works with protection.

Then, Slam should be “When […] attacks and deal damage …”
Because the way it’s written, I’m unsure if Slam damage should apply (it says “attack”, but there is the “also damages”, which could hint that damage has to be done.
Anyway, it’s definitely unclear on this point I think.

Well, I belive that the “damages adjacent creatures” doesn’t mean that the creature damage is dealt to the minios, but something like “The damage taken by the first creature is replicated to the adjecent ones” So, considering sharra takes no damage… the damage “replicated” is zero

pretty much this… a simple way to test is attacking a creature with protection

So, I tested Slam against Protection and it also failed.

That seems like fairly important erratta that isn’t explained by reading the card(s).

So it’s either intentional or a complete oversight. Either way the tool tip wording could use some work.

Hi, thanks for pointing this out. I’ve asked that the Devs look at the tooltip for inconsistencies.

Well, at least for me looks quite fine the way is working… if something takes no damage for whatever reason, make some sense none damage being spreaded either, seems more balanced IMO