Slight issue with the automated content

So I went thru the tutorial and then setup my account. I went and validated it and the client said i had some reward or something for validating but I was unable to accept it because it was forcing me into another game after building a deck. i closed the client and reopened to attempt to get it and now neither the validation or the automated quest are there

Something similar happened to me too, my client crashed before I could claim it, but I think I got it anyway. Did you check?

And by the way use Krippfaeria and Faeriakripp for some free chests. And since you’re a new player you could add a recruiter. Feel free to add me as a recruiter or for a random one use
You and the recruiter will both get rewards as you level up. :slight_smile:

yea i did end up finding it but i no longer have that automated content so no clue where it was guiding me or if i missed out on more easy free content

sent you a request

It would be some gold or at most a chest. So I guess just check at the chest screen.
I dont think it would get lost :slight_smile:

Thank you for adding me :slight_smile: