Slow down animation plz!

Hey, after a first look of new patch, one important think seems to be target for me.
You put many new card that boost, damage or reduce cost randomly, but the animation is terribibly fast !!
For the show and the understand of the game, i think u have to slow down the animation (or simply have an option to chose animation or not).
I know that will take some precious second for player in some combo deck, but this is actually really too fast.
Am i the only one to think that?

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I would agree with you on cards that trigger multiple effects, such as the new Warstorm Champion and Hellfire.
Same would applie to Chalice (Pandora Treasure), and (in combination with the above effects) Weeping Idol.

Now that I think about it, Slam could use a more visible animation to show which tiles are affected by the slamming effect. Like some kind of small shockwave spreading from the main target hit.

Can you share a full list of cards which are bothering you in terms of too fast visuals in particular?

I totally agree with @Maihem on this.
Here is my list :

  • Hellfire
  • Blood Song
  • Warstorm Champion
  • Ignus