Small consistency buff for twinsoul?

Currently, when you play twinsouls it spawns a 4/3 with flying and gift: “summon another twinsoul”, however the twinsoul that is spawned by the effect is different from the twinsoul that you play from hand. The twinsoul that got summoned by the effect doesnt have the “summon another twinsoul” gift.
Why does this matter?
Because, if you want to make a copy of twinsouls with Aurora’s creation (and maybe future cards with similar effects) you have to be careful which one you’re targetting, since the two twinsouls arent identical. You’d only want to copy the one that has the gift effect. The first time I tried this I accidentally made the mistake of copying the one without the gift because I assumed the two were identical due to the gift being “summon another twinsoul”.


Haven’t looked for this myself but - would this also apply to stuff like Mirror Phantasm (i.e. the target creature doesn’t have the “Gift” on its card for purposes like Aurora’s Creation)?

If you transform another creature into a mirror phantasm, the new mirror phantasm has exactly the same text as the one you played from hand. Both of them have the text “gift - transform another creature into a 5/5 mirror phantasm”.

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if the 2 were identical, it would mean that you get the gift at each spawn… so infinite spawning :smiley:
in Miror Phantasm, it’s not a problem, as ‘tranforming’ does not acitvate the gift

and filter with the search on the right with “twin”, you’ll see the 2 different cards.

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Ah, good point - transformations e.g. Orosei aren’t summons and won’t activate gifts. So does this make Twinsoul the only creature with two different cards which can be represented on the board? If so, it would probably be a nice little quality-of-life change to reconcile it into a single card that reads something like:

"Flying. Can be summoned adjacent to a friendly creature. Gift - Summon another Twinsoul Spirit (without activating its Gift)."

That way, the exact same card can be used as the second Twinsoul, without creating a direct inconsistency with the rules of the Gift mechanic.

This wouldnt matter.
Gift only activates if you play the card from hand and on the card it says “summon another twinsoul”.
According to the gamerules you wouldn’t get an infinite chain if you gave both twinsouls the gift effect.

While you are correct in technicality, keeping the wording the same would be confusing because many creatures that deal with the “summon” keyword imply that it is synonymous with “play from your hand” - e.g. Death Walker, Mystic Beast, and Khalim’s Skyguard.

It makes complete sense. It’s exactly the same as Battlecry in Hearthstone.
Battlecry: “When this card is played from the hand, activate the following effect before this card hits the board.”

The keyword ‘Gift’ itself denotes when the effect triggers. For all three cards mentioned previously.