Small suggestions for the deckbuilder/list/draft


I mentioned it earlier today while streaming but I think its much easier for you the notice it if I just post it here quickly :slight_smile:

The new search-function is GREAT, thanks for adding that! What would make everyone really happy is if we now could have a “Show all colors” filter, so we can add cards quickly by just using the searchbar and not having to click on the different colors too much. This will be a very comfortable change for the more experienced player who already know the name if the cards they want to use, and also for the beginner who is “netdecking”.

Another small thing that could be nice is if we could rightclick on the cards while drafting in Pandora (to see them bigger). Currently we can rightclick on the cards after we picked them, but not while selecting. This might seem like a useless feature, but dont underestimate how much we appreciate the art! Many people dont have all the cards, they might want to take a closer look at the beautiful art :slight_smile:

Bonus: Thanks for changing the way the decklist looks, its more compact now which we all really like :slight_smile:

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