Smartest thing to buy for new players?

Hi, So let’s so I only am going to spend 20$ on this game ever. What would be my best investment? Should I just buy Gems and open Mythic chests? Or am i better off spamming battle chests with it all? Or preordering the thing that was just announced. I have semi vetoed out the preorder because I dont know if ill still be playing in summer. Your thoughts please?

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New here also so keep that in mind,

I have purchased the steam pack, but I myself need a few more cards for decks I usually would play. So I’ve been considering buying the $19.99 option for gems which would net you 30 battle chest. From the little that can be found I’d avoid mythic chest because it seems to be mainly cosmetic items. If you go the $20 gem route I’d buy Goki the Gold miner which would net you at the very least 9 battle chests after 30 days & spend the rest on Battle chests. I’m interested to see what others have to say.

Seems reasonable to me. Goki costs 1000 is that correct?

Not sure, I’d check in-game as It doesn’t allow me to see the cost anymore since my Goki is active.

Yeah, he’s 1000 gems. And since it is the best value item, technically the best value would be to buy $20 of gems and wait to refresh Goki every month. It will take a 7 months to cash it all in but it will get you over 100 packs

Well, the best value for money is to do daily quests and practice Pandoras and to spend all day every day winning games.

Aside from playing a lot though, Goki is probably the best value for getting gold and then spending it on Pandora runs is easily the best way to multiply it and turn it into Battle Chests.