So, I got to the top 10 in Pandora, now what?

I’ve always loved the draft format in TCGs, so pandora definitely caught my eye when I started playing two weeks ago, and I love the comebacks that are possible with the treasure system. So I played it, no, obsessed over it for the past 11 days and made it into the top 10. I feel like it’s a pretty neato accomplishment, but are there any rewards beyond the card back from being in the top 64? Is there a tournament for pandora? Will anyone ever dethrone Perpetual Playing Machine from the #1 seat? There must be more to life now that I’ve accomplished my goal.


Congrats! What’s your average number of wins per run?

Now, may be aim for top 10 in ranked games? Then win the monthly cup? There is no tournament for pandora unfortunately.

Write a guide.

No seriously. Do it.

I need more wins…

Do it…


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When I first started I was getting 7-9 every run, then when I hit about 200 points I started noticing I was playing opponents who were over level 100, some 200, and I knew I was running into some of the other top players. I recognize a lot of names when I play and I sometimes play the same people a couple times in a day. Now I’m averaging only 4 wins a run, getting between 3-6 wins each run. I actually recognize you xploring I know I’ve played you at least twice lol.

Idk if I’ll take the time to write a guide but basic tips for getting 5+ wins in pandora is just play cautiously, and make sure you play with the mindset that your game will go to pandora awakening and those treasures often turn the tide. Also don’t play rush decks, it’s too hard to make a solid one and too easy to counter one. My best decks are blue land manipulation or red creature heavy decks or a mixture of both, I go for board control and then press for a win with the treasure I get and the faeria advantage I got from board control.

I’m gonna try ranked since I’ve gotten like 40 chests from pandora runs that I havent opened. But ugh grinding to top 10 in ranked, I already spent all that time grinding to top 10 in pandora. Is there any other way to get into the monthly cup besides being in the top 10 in ranked? What are the qualifiers they talk about?

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Now that you mentioned it, I remember playing you. :smiley: Don’t remember the games though.

You don’t have to be top 10 overall, I just said that because you did in your title. Top 10 get automatic qualification, qualifiers are to get into the monthly cup if you are outside top 10 I guess.

Ladder climbing is not as difficult as I thought. You get an extra star for first win of every day, and more stars for winning streak, but only lose 1 star (I think) for each losses. You can’t drop below your current bracket (level 20, 15, 10, etc) either in the current season, so 50% win rate will get you to god rank eventually.

Oh, that doesn’t sound so bad.

I dont remember the first game but the second game I remember you beat me. And I know I remembered your name because the first time we played it was a tough game but I don’t remember who won.

I guess I’ll have to look into how to get into a qualifier too.

Do you have decks you like? Those sound fun, especially the blue land manipulation. What is a red creature heavy deck? Lot of Axe Grinder and Shedim Pest? or more defensive, combat creatures?

I am starting to get the hang of playing blue and it’s really good. Wavecrash Colossus are so cheap combined with blue’s array of harvesters. Frogify and all the jumpers are really powerful too.

Yeah I’m new to the game and haven’t been reading decklists or anything so idk what people call certain decks here. But yeah my red decks usually have a lot of combat creatures, the two creatures that deal 2 damage in combat really add up quick, and ogre battlers are huge threats your opponent always has to spend a lot of effort to deal with. But I love blue because there’s so much you can do with land manipulation, controlling which creatures get to attack which creatures always puts me in a good position early on, and then pushing into the tiles right next to their god while keeping their lands away from mine usually wins me the game in the end.

I just registered for the qualifier so I guess now I have to hone a deck.

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Thanks for the tips, I guess I will have to learn the intricate details the hard… painful… good way :rapalagold:

It’s interesting to hear your experiences anyway. Me, I find most my 9 wins came from either mono green or yellow rush-like decks. Few green-blue and green-red maybe. This is still me finding my way around Faeria though, as I can clearly see some decks just fall in place into my mindset and I can drive them against silly good draws and still win - and others just crash and burn as I’m not secure what the weight of different plays are. Getting better though.

It’s interesting how you point out you got to play higher tier players now. I’m seeing <80 levels less and less and up to 120, and I always brushed it away as a sign of aging community. Maybe I will disregard that notion and consider my ranking just went up so much I now play better players. Will make me cry less at night for sure.

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If you are talking about the monthly cup qualifier, you need to hone more than 1 deck. The monthly cup has a special deck format. All players bring 3 decks. Non legendary cards may appear at most 3 times across all 3 decks and legendary cards may only appear at most once across all 3 decks. Players must choose a starting deck as part of registering for tourney. Matches are best of three with the losing player after each game forced to switch to an unplayed deck while winner is forced to continue playing with the deck they won with. There should be details somewhere but I don’t have a link handy

On Topic: Just because you have a lot of pandora points, doesn’t mean you are a top pandora player. You noticed that opponents got harder as you got more wins. This is due to an elo based matchmaking system. Your early runs which got you most of your pandora points were quite literally easy games. I’m sure you are a good player, but no one actually knows who the top 10 best Pandora players are.

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Yeah I just read all that and signed up for the qualifier.

Also I’m very aware of how pandora works, and if the Elo resets at the beginning of each month then everyone had easy first runs. If it doesn’t reset then there’s some issues with that actually making it harder for good players to reach the top, and since ranked has monthly resets I don’t see why Pandora wouldn’t. That being said of course pandora ranking really comes down to how much you play just as much as your skill comes into account, theoretically it evens out once players are matched against other players in their skill bracket, and assuming that every player plays exactly the same amount the results would be based more heavily on skill. Though since this isn’t the case, it is just as much persistence as it is skill, and I have no delusions that I am actually in the top 10 of anything in this game as far as skill is concerned, but getting to this point does give me a drive to actually become that skilled. I was sort of hoping there was a pandora tournament, and getting to the top 10 of the rankings was sort of just proving to myself I might be good enough to compete on some level in this game. I’ve never actually tried before.

As far as I know, the hidden ranked MMR doesn’t reset ever. The public ranked Elo only partly resets each month. I haven’t tested, but I’d be surprised if Pandora Elo is ever resetting.

In principle, if all players played the same amount, and there were infinitely many players, and players never improved or got worse, then we would expect all players, regardless of skill level to get the same number of pandora points each month due to the elo based matchmaking. In actuality, the current pandora system strongly rewards being the best pandora player(s) as all matchups are pair downs, and it rewards players who are improving their skill consistently as those players will usually get pair downs as a result of their Elo lagging behind their improving true skill.

Interesting. Not sure if I understand correctly. So, you can’t have more than 3 copies of any card in all 3 decks combined? And if a Legendary appear in one deck, it’s automatically excluded from the other two?

yep. you are understanding it correctly.

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