So I just got wrecked in pandora

by a guy who was left with 3 hp no minions and me with full board by playng 3 consecutive SAME red dragon legendary card.


He drafted THREE legendary cards who happen to be identical??? He used no spells to duplicate or something
This must be broken… If its not then it’s a shame that a game this beautifull gets to be this unbalanced.
Oh btw after somehow managing to SOMEHOW deal with the red dragons and still presure him he of course plays a fourth legend ( a green dragon) and I lose. YAY :slight_smile:
Worth mentioning that I was just up-ranked to a weird level after starting to play the game yesterday… but I dont know if that means anything and why there even are ranks in “arena”…

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Well, currently there are only 21 Legendaries total in the game (4 per color and 5 neutrals). In Pandora, one color is blocked for the draft, so it’s actually a pool of 16 different legendaries.

So if you get (really) lucky to draft 3 (or 4) legendaries in your run, the chance to get the options for 3 times the same is not that small.
However, your opponent was just really, really lucky to draft 3 or 4 legendaries at all, and these actually being Garudan (red dragon), which is considered (one of) the strongest legendaries ingame.

I think about 1 legendary every second pandora run can be expected. (That’s my experience at least).
So, consider yourself extremely unlucky if you happen to face 3x Garudan in Pandora again. :wink:

The ranking system im Pandora serves the purpose of making Pandora competitive as well. Yes, it’s a draft mode, but the main winning factor is still your skill (both ingame and to build a deck with good synergies), secondary your draft luck.
Therefore, the matchmaking is also influenced by your rank, not as much (if at all) by your wins/run.

There are certain problems that are criticised by many players about your rank being the main factor for matchmaking, which kinda works against the rewarding system (the more wins, the better your reward). But that’s a different topic and the devs are aware of it, promising to change the system, once they have a better one to offer.
(In case you want to look it up, see
here: Pandora pairing and rewards system really frustrating
and here: What you think about ELO decay and Pandora ranks? )

Having played 10-15 runs in Pandora (don’t remember how many exactly), I’ve never drafted a single legendary, so getting 3 to 4 in the same deck, and Garudan on top of this is indeed pretty crazy. Well, lucky for your opponent, but draft can be easily nullified by Treasures at the moment, so even 3x Garudan is not better than drafting 3 good Treasures :slight_smile:

Thank you for the very detailed and informative answer :).

Sounds really harsh and probably unfun, but I must admit, I once had a red deck with 2 Garudans und 1 Firestorm (with another one skipped) myself, so yeah, sh!t happens. xD

Same here, haven’t seen a Legendary card in 15-20 Pandora runs and always getting beaten up by Garudan. Seems not very legit.