So the preorder period has ended... Where's my mythic chest? :p

In the article announcing world bosses ( ), you said every player who participated in the war effort would get a mythic chest once the preorder period for the expansion ended:

In addition, we would also like to announce that at the end of the Adventure Pouch: Oversky preorder period, everyone who participated to the War Efforts (basically everyone who played since March 15th, regardless of whether they own the Adventure Pouch: Oversky or not) will receive a free Mythic Chest.

So the preorder period has ended… Where’s my shinies? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s bound to be some delay when sending them out to everyone,just have patience, you should get it if you preordered.

It has nothing to do with having preordered. You get it if you played since March 15th.

I just think it’s weird there was no mention of this in today’s email.

Oh, ok. I haven’t payed much attention to it, as I don’t really care about a mythic chest. Either way though, just have patience, this type of thing has happened in the past with things such as eggs.

It’s not that I need the mythic right now, I just find it strange they didn’t mention it in their communications. Not many people pointed it out either. Did people forget?

From what I understood, the world bosses content will be a free update for everyone and will be released shortly before the adventure pouch. Maybe you will get your shinies once the world bosses single-player is released and the devs just forgot to make it clear?