So when exactly is yellow getting nerfed?

I believe we all agree yellow is a little too versatile. Mobile units (Every units have haste, jump or charge), way too many haste units (which creates a serious issue if they can spawn a unit, rush you and create a dessert next to you … especialy that 3 cost haste charge 3 unit), card draw (Horadrim monk … seriously?), some heal (life drain), hard removal (last nightmare), feria generator (ghouls … and who needs feria generator when you can easily reach the 4 feria wells with charge flying units), beefy units (that unit growing everytime your divinity is attacked, easily capable of getting 12/12), etc.

Not to mention if yellow plays rush, even if I play 3x Earthcraft (playing apex predator atm), it is impossible to prevent them from getting a dessert 2 tiles away from my divinity.

Even the sub-forum title “post here about why yellow rush needs to be nerfed” knows there is an issue with that color … or they are just trolling the fans knowing full well they are going to complain about yellow.

While I understand it is possible to build a counter-deck, it doesn’t change the fact I feel like yellow has every possible tools in their arsenal and it creates a serious balancing issue. Mono color should not have access to everything. From what I’ve read on other forums online, yellow is driving new players away.

P.S. From what I’ve seen on Twitch, Sweety steamrolled a lot of games with yellow control in last tournament. He didn’t win by the skin of his teeth, he steamrolled with some 3-0.

I think you are right. At the moment I get about 70% yellow players as opponents - all of them playing with a very similar deck. And its very hard to play against them. Its how you said, they have got remove, dmg + heal, gain faeria, haste, etc… I would expect that an agressive deck would also need a weak spot.

Agressive decks usually suffers the same weakness : They get out of steam at some point and the control player who defended successfully against the unslaught can recover and gain back control of the board. “Yellow Rush” needs to get out of steam faster. As for “Control Yellow”, they need to lose a little bit of versatility.

Here are my suggestions for yellow :

  • Khalim Prayer : No card draw and gain 3 Feria. No card should cycle itself for positive value so easily.
  • Windstorm Charger : Cost increase to 4 so it’s more in line with Snowstorm Lancer.
  • Deathwish Ghoul : Just suicide it for 3 Feria and no conditions/rng on what to spend it on? Nerf to 2/1.
  • Horadrim Monk : Remove Haste, Make it Charge 2 and 2/2. (Imagine if Ruunin’s Champion had haste …)
  • Wind Soldier : Charge 2. Too easy to use it next to a Faeria well or to create a desert next to the orb.
  • Last Nightmare : Cost increased to 7. (Frogify that also removes the 2/2 in one card = 7 cost)
  • Zealous Crusader : Stats increased to 4/4, but only gains +1/+1 when you attack opponent’s orb.
  • Shaytan Vampire : Isn’t damage a red thing? Change him to drain 2 attack from nearby creatures.
  • Drain Life : Increase cost to 3 and rename : Drain Strength - Give a creature -3/-0. (See Gift of Steel).
  • Desert Twister : Move a creature from one desert to another desert. You dont have to control either desert. Relocating friendly / opponent creature from anywhere and for no cost is too strong, even for 5 desert requirements.

AND : a global change to the effects allowing you to “move a creature”.

Moving a creature should only allow you to move it 1 hexagon even if the creature has Charge X or Jump (looking at you Windborn Champion). Think of the effect like the event “Shifting Tides”, you dont give the creature an extra move action, you want to reposition it 1 hexagon away/closer.

Simple answer:never. Pure yellow is same as facehunters in hs: 0 brain usage face mashing with constant prays what enemy wont draw taunts or removals.

Yellow role in the same as in all card games(cz there is always cards like this)-give win to people who dont want think or count but still want to win and make every deckbuilder be afraid of rush\agro and make em use cards which can only serve as protection vs this kind of strategy.

While I understand yellow rush is playing a role similar to hunter in hearthstone, there is still a general consensus in Faeria saying it is too efficient at the moment. In hearthstone, when a deck gets above 60% win rate, it is usually looked at and nerfed… granted Hearthstone takes 6 months to nerf something tho.

In other words, yellow role and archetype is fine. It’s the winrate and therefor lack of efficient counter deck that’s not.

Fun fact: over 50% of netdecks have yellow cards in them. Looks balanced isnt it?

Too bad for facerushers what yelow kinda sucks in pandora.