Solo Pandora rewards

So i tried out the new solo Pandora today, won 9-2 and recieved 2 chests some gold and a practice pandora coin. Used said practice pandora coin, got 3 wins and received 30 gold. WOW. What is the point in giving a practice pandora coin as a reward if you can only get 30 gold from it???

You sure this didnt count towards full coin? If you ace practice run 3 times (so 3x3 wins), you get a full coin, yes?

I just completed the third practice run today, figured I could test the AI, and I’m not sure I got the full coin (maybe I did but they didn’t tell me). I don’t remember if I already had 13 coin or not.

I just realized after posting the first time that if I’d have used my practice coin in pvp mode then I would have got part of a coin, but still, getting just 30 gold for 3 wins in solo practice is pretty lame and waste of the practice coin.

Yep I didn’t get the full coin so it’s really just petty cash.

Saty away from practice solo mode, guys ! x)

30 gold? I got 50. Still a bit low, reward-wise, considering that winning 3 games in Battle mode gives you 90 gold total + at least half a level worth of XP.

I still think the full Solo Pandora’s worth it, for the battle chests and the excellent training it provides

Well it’s probably worth it at the beginning when you wouldn’t get 3 or 4 wins in pvp mode.
And, ofc, it’s way less stressful to play against AI.

But from a strictly $£€ point of view, pvp is probably better overall.

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Its also much faster to play against AI. No sitting in two minute queues, and AI opponents are easy to stomp on and beat quickly.

PvP is going to be better for people who can average about 4 or greater wins per run. However, most players won’t be doing this. Solo rewards seem competitive to me (assuming you always get 0 wins in solo, which you should)