[SOLVED] Display bug: game launched, screen is 100% black since today's update on macOS


There was a small update to Faeria today, since it was applied, when I launch the game, the screen is black.
Music is playing, and while the mouse cursor doesn’t change to the Faeria cursor, it seems I can click on stuff (I hear audio feedback) and after I click once the cursor takes the Faeria appearance.

I’m on MacOS 10.12.4, on a Macbook 12" retina.

Anyone has the same issue? Is there a config file somewhere I can tinker with (like, change the resolution settings) or a reset settings button I can have access to, to see if that fixes my display problem?


Update: after many failures, I finally managed to start the game by plugging into an external screen.
Since then, and without even doing anything to the settings, everything came back to normal.

Case closed. Leaving this here in case someone encounters the same problem.