Some bugs i noticed

After a few hours of gameplay i noticed some bugs i wanted to report. 1. in creation mode , craftable cards have a visible blue transparent rectangle applied on them that gives them the blueish look, moreover , the rectangle goes over nearby cards cutting other eventual filter applied on those cards. I can see this very clearly when the blue rect of a craftable card overlays a colored card. 2. when i jump to the creation mode in the collection while i am modifing a deck and then i close the creation mode imediately, i return to the collection but the cards on the page i was on disappear entirely. I have to swap the element tab and come back to make them appear again. 3. one time i won a game in missions mode and when the mission pack selection screen apeared back, the reward of the goal i just completed did not disapear remaining overalaid to the new one.
Ps. i noticed that the card disappearance bug occur most of the times even if i jump to the creation mode and jump back when not editing a deck.

By the way this is the greatest virtual card game i have ever played, great ideas, amazing art , huge content, non rng base, beautiful card concepts, and the fact that each piece of content is obtainable via ingame currency.
The field idea is ingenious since it prevents cards from getting old, and the game from constantly needing new cards like heartstone or yugioh.
Great job.