Some card texts are wrong in italian

I write here because I noticed that in the italian language some cards have a text not translated or completely wrong. Here are the cards and the correct translation in italian:

  • Curious Biomancer: the italian text is “#REF”, the translation is “dono: per ogni creatura nemica, pesca una creatura non blu dal tuo mazzo”

  • Mistic Beast: the stats are wrong. The translation is “dono: ottiene +2/+0 e balzo se viene evocata vicino ad un pozzo di Faeria avversario.”

  • Shifting Octopus: some text is in italian and some in english, here is the translation "scegli uno, due volte: -ottiene +2/+0, / -ottiene +0/+2, / -ottiene balzo, / -ottiene provocazione.

  • Fugoro, merchant of wonders: the italian text is totally wrong, here is a translation for the english text: "Balzo, dono: Scegli uno: - pesca un’ Urna di Gabria, / -pesca un drago di cristallo, / - pesca un medaglione di Ulani.

  • Volcanic Colossus: i noticed now that even in the english text it says that his cost is reduced by 1 for every creature that died, but in the game his cost is reduced for every time the enemy god is hitted.

If I will find some other wrong texts i will let you know writing again in this topic.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Other error is the word “evoci”, event in BASIC set card, the correct is “evochi”