Some ideas that are not "mainstream"


I’d like to start of by saying, that this post is not about having more cards, skins, tournaments, adjusting bugs etc… yes there are very important but I will talk here about those side things that you don’t really notice but are pretty useful.

Most of the CCG’s do not have a “Global Chat” and can understand it to some point, but I do think that every game should have one.

If you would implement a global chat and made at the moment make it into a “Global chat” and “Support/help” where players can ask the veterans for some tips on cards, decks, etc… Yes the reward system for ranked should be implemented as well, the thumbnails for the decks aren’t really a big deal, because you can easily overlook it.

For me personally having to chat with other people while playing games is the best thing, as I said most CCG’s do not have this and you must add a friend after a game, and while in the game you can only use the emotes. As well to the global chat, if possible I think you should put a chat in a match as well, it gives you a bit more freedom so to say, or at least I feel like that. Being able to compliment an opponent for a good play or tell him that was a bad move, and help him if he is new is pretty useful in my opinion. Not sure how the rest feels, but there must be someone who agrees with this.

Daily puzzle solving quest which will reward you like 10 pieces of gold or 5 for completing that daily puzzle.

Lore, I am not really sure if there is any lore, but yeah, lore is always nice to have, it feels like you’re in the story, it makes you more interested in the game.

Improving the text for effects of a card, and adding the ability to zoom in on a card and hover over an ability and then tells you what it do, it’s handy if a card has more abilities, or just post both effects of the cards on the side, and if it can summon a new card, you should be able to click on it and it will show you that card, that will be played if you play the card you wanted to.

In game tips, of some sort for new players, even though the game is not hard to figure out.

These were just a couple of suggestions that I thought of in like 20 minutes, I haven’t been playing for long just for like 2 hours and I have yet to explore the game. On the side note if anyone would like to be friends, feel free to send me a request, same IGN.

                                                         Thanks for reading, NationalArmy

Hello NationalArmy!

First of all, you really should join the Faeria discord channel if you havent already! You can access it from your friendslist.
There is a lot of activity there and most of the time I can chat with my opponent there. That might be even better than having an ingame chat, because sometimes I really want to talk about the game with my Faeria-friends without having to launch the Faeria client!
Maybe there is a way to combine the two?

Personally I am not sure if I want to have an ingame chat (except with people on your friendslist).

A daily puzzle quest sounds like fun! That would absolutely make me want to login every day! Not for the reward, but because puzzles are so fun :slight_smile:

For ingame tips, many of the “Puzzles” in Solo-mode is more about giving you a lot of tips in an interactive environment, than actual puzzles. It would be great if you could play them without having to unlock them though :rubyfish:

About improved wording for cards, check out this post Oracle Text for all cards
Is there any card in particular that you feel have bad wording? The only card I can think of right now is “Doomgate, Door to Oblivion”, its a card with very little information about what it actually does, but it is intended. Its supposed to give you this “OH WOW OMG!”-feeling when you procc it :wink:

Good feedback! See you in discord :wink:

Welcome NationalArmy!

I approve that having a chat would be very nice (like Scrolls had it), but as J0k3se said, there’s a very frequently used discord channel.

Yep, there should be more of those. There’s a lot of new people frequently asking the same questions, so that’s something to aim for, maybe via an ingame FAQ.
For instance, there should be an ingame tip for the discord channel or at least a more visible option than the quite hidden link in your friendlist. Also a hint in the solo content, that you can practise vs Fugoro (you’ll meet him soon ;)) in the replay option (after you played the first one) would be really helpful.

Daily puzzle solving: I’d really appreciate an ingame puzzle editor, where everyone can make their own puzzle (which he needs to solve first before contributing it). The best puzzles each day could make an awesome additional daily puzzle for 10 gold or something. There’d be some sort of rating system, to ensure to quality of the “daily” puzzle, though.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask. There’s a lot of people eager to help in the above mentioned discord channel. :slight_smile:


Will check it out,the discord I mean.

I agree that discord is helpful, but still, maybe some people don’t want to use discord out of personal reasons or something like that, then they have no means of communication, which can make a game really dull and on the end leave it or in worst case secenario, that players computer cannot handle Discord, Steam, the game itself at the same time and cannot play it. That’s why I think a chat in the game is really useful for those kinda people.