Some improvements for Faeria

Dear Abrakam let me write you some ideas about game improvements. Thank you for attention.

  1. Add a column to the deck list with author rank on the HUB. So we can sort decks by rank. There are a lot of decks on the HUB. And sort by Rank can be more just then by Likes.
  2. Add the ability to search decks by cards on the HUB. It will be convenient see all decks with a specific card.
  3. Exclude other colors when searching for decks by lands on the HUB. For example if i’m looking for red and green do not show decks without red or green, and with non red or green.
  4. Make that after mulligan the cards do not repeat. If the player replaces some cards it’s a pity to see them again in the starting hand.
  5. I think for a serious CCG absolutely needed a system of replays! It is convenient for all aspects of the game: viewing errors, learning someone else’s experience, examining an rival deck, creating a video, report on the competition, etc.
  6. The audience of the game is quite adult as it seems to me. There is no need to completely abandon the ingame chat. Live chat allows to communicate and diversify the game. So you can make an ingame chat with the possibility of switching off. It’s much better than useless emotions. Even if you do not want to make chat according to your convictions, one button - single challenge to duel will be better than all emotions (the opportunity to recoup if the rival accepts the challenge after first duel).
  7. I think viewing left cards (cemetery) will be convenient for players. Faeria is a rather complicated game and we need to remember which cards came out.
  8. Add the ability to save \ load decks. 12 decks limit is so small.

Seem like good ideas. As for chat, I think it’s good to have it so you can just chat with people on your friend list, but what isn’t good is having it so you can’t make friends in a match. It should also be more clear when you have an outstanding friend request. Just a little glow on the button or something - I’m always seeing friend requests too long after the fact.

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It would also be good to see what is left (still available in future draws) in your deck, AND the cards you already played (cemetary?)

Hello, Abrakam. Please look again at some ideas from this list.