Some prototype pics of a boardgame im working on :)


I’ve been designing my own game for some time now and its starting to really shape up. Im super proud of it and just wanted to share some pics :smiley:


Not so long ago it looked like this!


Interesting. How do you play?


Oooh :smiley: What’s the name and goal of the game?


I didnt come up with a name yet :smiley:

Its a cardgame with a board, inspired by Faeria ofc :blush:
No randomness at all! During draw step you select what card to draw from your deck instead of drawing a random one. You place units on the board and move them around to do different things :slight_smile: Its a 1v1 strategic turnbased game


Hey J0k3,

you may remember me being pretty active here in the past. Since then I’m only watching the forums. You may also remember that I have been working for a boardgame publisher in the past, while nowadays I’m preparing to become a publisher on my own.

So yeah, stuff like this does always get me interested. :wink:

I have no idea how many boardgames you know and what you want to achieve, but if you need some help, let me know.

Looking at the board it reminds me of “Warhammer Invasion”, where you get different ressources depening on where you put your creatures. Is it working similar? Also, keep in mind that people want to play a game, not browsing for cards all the time. That’s one reasons why most games have some draw of the luck in there.

All the best!


Rulebook when


@H8Man wow that sounds super exciting! I hope everything will go well for you! I have played some boardgames a lot, not too many different ones though. I dont know Warhammer Invasion but it sounds like its similar. In my game you play units in different areas and later on you can also move them around to adjacent fields.
I am currently trying to create like… my dream-game. And its gona be super-specific to the kind of things I enjoy - which I very much know is far from what most people want. What I mean is - I am not gona try to make this game a success or sell it, its more like a hobby for me at the moment. When/if its time to create a game which I can potentially make money from I would do a lot of different decisions (a fair amount of randomness to keep the game “fun” and “fair”).
My game as it is currently has a bunch of flaws because of the non-randomness. Mainly that it is incredibly difficult to come back if you fall behind. Also, its difficult for someone new to have even a small chance of beating an experienced player. But I am guessing the same is true for chess. I have been considering having a random pool of units/spells/specialcards/commanders for each game - similar to Prismata and Dominion, to prevent the game from being figured out too quickly and also make it more even for people with different amount of experience to play with each other. But then again, that wasnt my vision when I started to work on the game… I dont know!

@shpagZZZa rules are done ofc! :slight_smile: But its not written so nicely yet, will get to that later :slight_smile:


You can include some comeback cards of some kind, but make sure they don’t gain too much value.


Creating removal cards and comeback cards are more tricky since the player choses what card to draw. Topdecking a firestorm or bombslinger to come back into a game is different than if you could chose when to draw it. Cards like bombslinger or firestorm you dont really want to draw until you need them, but when you need them they are amazing


Thanks mate, it will still take quite some time, but I’m looking foward to it. :slight_smile:

As for Warhammer Invasion, if you like to get a small overview (even though it’s an old video), you can check this one:

Away from that, there are about 200.000 board and card games out there for you to discover and to learn from. ;D

I see, it’s more like a fun for your own sake thing, maybe playing with a couple of friends. However, even such things can be good and who knows, depending on how people like it, your interest may rise to see how far your game can go.

As I mentioned in the first post, giving the players the whole control usually doesn’t work well. There will always be a problem and it will keep your game from growing and becoming a finished game (no matter in which way). You as the designer need to have full control over your game. Control your game and go from there, not vice versa, believe me, you will get frustrated and lose a whole lot of time for nothing. :wink:

Regarding the cards to choose from. How about 3 open cards to choose from, with the option to clear the cards (put them on the bottom) to put out 3 new ones. There has to be a price for doing so of course.

Haha, forget the spirit of “my perfect vision of a game”. A game needs rules to work and you WILL change quite a few things to get it going. Some of my games started with a specific idea and became something quite different, but very good in the end. That’s the normal way for most designers. First there is the idea and then you start changing it over and over again just to get it work properly. Don’t hesitate to discard ideas, they will just hinder you and your game.

However, I’ll keep an eye open to see how you proceed. :slight_smile:


If giving full draw control to the player appears to be too clunky, I think a good alternative might be to let you sort your deck(s) before the game (you could have, as it looks it’s already the case, several decks to draw from, like one for answer, one for economy…). You could even do stuff like choose 1 card among the top 3 and choose whether to let the 2 other on top or put them on bottom.

In any cases, I’m looking forward to hear from this game!


New Card-Design and name for my board/cardgame “Feud: The Seer’s Prophecy”. I’m very happy with it! (The white border is only for the prototype). Next step: Gamebox and manual!

@4xel yes the players may re-arrange their decks as they please :slight_smile: Right now im thinking about trying out a Prismata/Dominion type of thing where you only have access to certain cards each round + a set of “standard” cards. That way the game might have more re-playability. I am worried that it might make the games really long though because the ‘decks’ might not be strong enough and the defender has the advantage during combat