Some questions and issues from a new player

  1. I just started playing today, in game I was prompted to create an account, and activate it via an email they would send me. I received the email, but the servers were having issues today and when I clicked the activation link it did not load properly. Now when I click it, it says “Activation code not found in our system. (#10)”. I sent an email to support but I’m wondering if there is a way for them to resend a new activation code, if there is I am overlooking it.

  2. I bought the Steam bundle that gives you coins and gems, is there any reason to save these or should I just go and spend them on Battle Chests for more cards? Am I right in assuming Mythic Chests are just for show with shiny cards and avatar stuff? Or are there other reasons to buy those?

  3. In my Avatar/Profile page, I got Hoaka unlocked from a Mythic Chest, but it says 0/6. I see 6 grayed out emotes on the left so I assume it has something to do with those, but how do I unlock them or whatever is going on here? I’ve played and won mission matches with him, leveled up a few times but it sits at 0/6, what’s the deal here?

  4. It seems I got 30 days of Goki the Gold Miner (I guess from the Steam thing or did they just give that to everyone), I saw from google that he gives gold. What time(s) each day does he give gold, and what are the different amount ranges he can give?

  5. It seems all my starter decks are missing a couple of cards, why is that? Am I doing something wrong? I keep unlocking starter decks that are 28/30 as you can see here:

  1. Is there a way to sort by rarity of a card in the crafting menu?

Thanks for any info/tips you can provide, the game looks fun and I’m looking forward to spending time with it.

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  1. Not sure sorry

  2. Keep the gems - you can use them to purchase the paid for Solo content after you have finished all the free one. Each set costs 500 gems and nets you 4 chests plus some gold, whereas 500 gems only buys 2 chests in the shop.

  3. You only get emotes from buying the avatar from the shop. Lame, I know.

  4. Yes, he was in the Steam pack. It’s new and a marked step down from the old Gold Fountain. Apparently he can sometime give ‘lots’ more than the standard 300, but we’ll see. :unamused:

  5. You need to complete a lot of the solo stuff to unlock all the starter deck cards I believe.


i started on Friday on my own :slight_smile: .

  1. Mystic Chest: I think you are right, because i bought the same Steambundle and got in my mystic chests exactly what you describe.

  2. Thx for this question and answer, because i don’t get it on my own :blush:

  3. You don’t get the howl starterdeck and the cards. You only get the recipe to build it. After getting more and more cards you will see, that you get all decks to the max.

  4. Use the search tool. Here you can filter for anything, like creature, building, mana cost. Don’t try it at all, but imo it should work with rarity, too (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary)

I have played the howl weekend and climb the ladder till Rank 17. My first impression is, that this could be the best CCG ever played. I love the mixture of chess and TCG + Boardgame.


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  1. That sounds like a pain, but Faeria has a great support team, I’m sure they’ll get it sorted for you.

  2. Probably sensible to save them, since you will normal earn cards very fast just by doing daily quests and practice Pandoras and who knows what they’ll offer in the future! On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry to get all of the cards, I wouldn’t have any qualms about supporting the team by spending now and buying more later.

  3. At the moment, it seems emotes can only be unlocked by purchasing the full package for an avatar in the shop, but I’m pretty confident that this will be changed, since there has been a lot of negative feedback and the Faeria team is always working to improve the player experience.

  4. Goki has only just come out, so I guess there’s still some research to be done there. I think it happens while I sleep!

  5. Looks like a bug.

  6. The crafting menu is still a bit barebones and you can’t sort it, but you can at least search for rarity.