Some responses to misconceptions and pointless complaints

Hey there, I just want to point out that today’s Faeria Friday blog post will hopefully answer a lot of the common questions regarding the expansion, such as whether or not you’ll eventually be able to purchase it with gold or gems.



Thanks for the update…

Played for less than an hour. I don’t like the art and the gameplay so far is correct (i’m only doing the solo content).
Just to let you know that I’m currently drowning in packs. I have to admit it’s probably cheaper than Faeria :wink:

I agree. Not everyone likes anime art. But glad to know that I have proved my point. While your at it, just for the info they have a pretty unique Ranked mode. It doesn’t get reset every month, instead you get rewards based on the points you earn for a month. And you keep your rank. This is the thing I like best in this game. While in Faeria the art is simply the best. But sadly thats about it.

P.S. I recently found that you cant even play the full solo mode without paying for it (gold or crystals) in Faeria. GGWP

quick starting tutorial on how to f2p from some1 who just started playing 3 days ago(~24h atm according to steam):

~24 h played and i have 2 solo lanes finished, 4 legendaries and one or 2 golden missions left on lane 2( finished first one)
~i will admit i did pay 5$ to get the gold digger frog but with a recruiter you get the same start just by lvl-ing to 25( which you will easily)

  1. get some1’s recruiter id (totalbuiscuit has it posted somewhere, i didn’t and lost 8 packs and 3 arena runs)
  2. finish all available solo missions (first lane can be done full)
  3. do all arena’s available ( got 2 arena’s done, ^no recruiter :(, got lucky, both went 7-3 = 4200 g and some packs 6/8 in total)
  4. leave second lane last when you reach gold mission (aggro the fish gl T_T) AND go for the puzzles, you should have enough gold if you got lucky with 5/6 arena’s (you get 2/3 from the game*) to finish 3’rd lane or close to it
  5. login daily for login reward, 400g quest and the arena trial**, even a 2/3-3 arena net’s you about ~1k gold
    (NEVER USE gold to buy packs or arena while you still have solo missions left)
  6. In the same time span if you manage the arena’s you should be at 50+ packs in less then a week and close to the 30 packs you get for finishing the solo lanes (or 3 packs, might just be bad animation) ***

P.S.: and if you like the game and want to help the devs get 5$ gems, get the frog (~9k gold or more) and a free lane, this way you finish solo in the same time span and can go straight into competitive with under ~50h played

*** edit: they give 30 dust (crystals, bad animation) which is worse than a pack :disappointed: so that’s that, apart from the cosmetic card pack (which is nice, dragons <3 ) they could really stand to improve the reward for finishing solo :frowning:
*didn’t bother keeping track
** 3 wins and you get 1/3 of a free arena
if you recruit a friend or 2 you get even more stuff to get the gap to finish 3’rd lane if you did bad in arena

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I also started 2 days back 9 hours so far.

  1. Bought the steam pack + 50$ gems pack.
  2. Spend all 21000 gems to get battle chests. My plan was to save the rest of the gems I got from steam pack and use them wisely.
  3. Didn’t buy a single Mythic chest as I am not interested in cosmetics.
  4. Opened 80+ packs with all 21000 gems I bought and got 1 legend card out of it. Tarum, the Forest world.
  5. Got triggered and complained a lot in reddit and discord.
  6. Used my free pandora coin and won 2 matches. Got decent amount of gold.
  7. Decided to play out the solo mode till I found that those have to be bought also after a certain point
  8. Got triggered again and came to this forum.

So, thats my story so far… I know I sound like a 12 year old crybaby but it FeelsBadMan


In all the Chests you got from the 21000 gems, what else did you open? I know that you got just one bad legendary (Tarum). What about all the Epics, Rares, and to a lesser extent commons that you got? People tend to gauge value based on Legendaries, but Epics and Rares are often better and more used than most of the Legendaries in the game. (The universally strong Legendaries are things like Aurora, Seifer, Khalim.)

same here. opened 60+ packs taurum and on neutral legendary, which isnt useful for beginner decks. but thats not the problem - to me the problem is the extremely few resources you get for disenchanting cards. it´s by far the worst i´ve ever seen in any game. after 60 packs i got around 400 (!!!), thats a little over one legendary or two epics. (compared to hearthstone: you need 50% more cards before sth is disenchanted, hearthstone max. 2 cards, here 3 cards - therefore you need way more packs to get a full set) - (compared to gwent: gwent is muuuuuch cheaper and you get way more freebies and cards, e.g. every 10 lvl you get a legendary + one epic (and every card except common is limited to ONE, not three).
considering that you usually need 3 of a kind in a deck to make it work… you need 3 epics of one type, after 60 packs you get at best one. so you have to craft the other two… aaaaand your 400 resources ar gone… and you still dont have a half decent deck, because most decks contain several legendaries, epics (3x) etc.
edit: i´m talking of hearthstone at release! now after several years and expansions it is of course harder to get all cards.

Remember you can re-roll the highest rarity card in a pack, so if you don’t have any Legendaries and you get one that you don’t like, you get another shot.