Some responses to misconceptions and pointless complaints

This will be somewhat ranty. The main purpose of this post is to talk about some common things i see and why they give me headaches. The following are some fairly common things i see written on these forums or in other places about faeria.
“This game is unfair to new players and/or the Developers are doing something that is unfair to new players”

This one involves things like: “I keep losing to high rarity, expensive cards because I as a new player don’t have the cards to compete” or related to the announcement of Oversky: “I don’t want to pay money for an adventure pouch, stop making the game so Pay to Win”

I see those kinds of things the most frequently, and here is my response: Yes, the developers should care about making the experience for new players good and making sure to create a good starting point, and i would say Faeria has succeeded in that. Their solo content offers great rewards and is great as a learning tool to figure out everything about the game, and The Hub is an excellent resource for advice and other things. Their daily rewards are good for newer players as a way to get gold that doesn’t involve beating possibly much more skilled players, and the quests are built around playing X of something rather than winning X games. The P2W complaints people have often reek of entitlement, but you have to remember that you don’t have to spend money, you aren’t owed something purely because you are a player of the game, and the developers need to make money too. (As i was writing this i realized how big it is going to be, so i am going to split it up and write more if i ever see a large amount of complaints of one type rising up on the forums or elsewhere)

Thank you for listening to my ramble about complaints. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think that everyone who criticizes games i happen to like are wrong, i’m just picking on some things i’ve seen and sharing my thoughts with you. If you disagree with me, fine, but try to have a well reasoned argument as to why i’m wrong, and don’t be a prick about it, we probably won’t change eachother’s minds.

The game definitely has a steeper learning curve than say Hearthstone, but I agree the tutorial and puzzles give you all the tools you need to learn how to play. Everything past that is the same kind of learning process we all have to go through when playing games like this: learning the cards, the meta, and in Faeria’s case the new challenge of land placement.

When the community was small, I would find myself paired with people who had cards WAY better than mine. But I imagine that should get better as the match making splits people up a little better.

I think the devs are doing a wonderful job, even if I think the announcement of a new purchase felt a little soon with the release of the Steam sale. But heck, they give you so much free stuff.

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I believe you are missing the point of the complaints about the paid expansion.

The real problem isn’t the amount of money, or the fact that there will be pay elements. The problem is they announced this with a game that is currently buggy, several days after coming out of early access, and immediately after ending a sale that was already on steam. They should iron out the current issues with the game before planning expansions. They shouldn’t announce features months ahead of time when the game needs fixed now.

Why should I as a player invest in an expansion for a brand new game 8 days after release? I don’t disagree with pay elements in the game, what I disagree with is launching them at the same time the game is released. They should build up a player base, and they should have kept the steam sale going longer. I have heard from older players that many changes were made to format during early access. Let’s let the main model of the game have a couple of good months, and then start releasing expansions.

Asking for money now for expansions feels like they are expecting to be paid in advance for an essentially untested (with a large volume of players) game.


I´m a new player and i disagree with you on several points (don´t worry wont be a whiny post).

  1. the singleplayer sucks. puzzles are ok, but the matches are obnoxious and boring as hell. its pure grinding. no story, same opponents over and over again. i haven´t talked to a new player who liked the singlerplayer mode. just look at the post in the steam forum (where we noobs are, cause we don´t know about the hub), noone likes the singleplayer mode and most ppl say, they almost quit because of it.
  2. i expected this to be a release. which means a level playing field. everyone starts fresh. (e.g. gwent… beta players won´t start with all cards when it will be released). of course there going to be A FEW players, who spend tons of money to get all the cards at the start, but since many of the “elder” players bought the 50$ all inclusive packet, there are many, many ppl with incredible decks on lower ladder and casual. I´m playing a trash deck with no legendaries on low ladder and face decks with 3 or more legendaries constantly. I invested around 26$ atm in the game, opened around 60 or more chests… to get all the cards i will have to invest at least ten-twenty times more… or play.
    my problem isnt pay to win, but im feeling like a cashcow. i just spend 20 bucks on steam, got some trash cards… and them i´m told that most players have all cards for 50 bucks.
    AND then i read several post of these “all inclusive players” that it´s not pay to win and the noobs should shut up and pay.
    AND then i watched the community stream and was told that i “have to” pay even more (day one dlc)…
    this doesn´t make me feel welcome. can you understand that?

I think “X game is pay-to win” is a perfectly fair complaint to make about some games. I don’t think it’s “entitled” at all - if Monopoly had a rule that said “the person who bought the game gets to collect double the money when you land on their hotel, but guests (who are playing for free) don’t get to”, people would complain. Games are the most interesting when everyone comes in with a fair chance to win, based on their abilities and how well they play.

That being said, Faeria itself isn’t bad in this respect. Completing high-level competitive decks may take several epic cards, but at most levels you can compete on a fair playing field even if you’ve only been playing (for free) for a week or two. Collecting rare cards tends to unlock variety more than it grants straight power (and additionally the ability to move around the board allows for a lot of outplay potential), which is really good design. I just hope that never changes.


When I started I did all solo content and I liked it (didn’t play against another player before 20H in game :p).
For the release’s resets… That’s unfair for the players who invested time into the game to get cards.
It would be unfair for the players who bought the 20€ pre-release fee + 50€ Core set (and false advertisement).

Playing card games means investing in it (either time or cash, which represent time in a sense anyway).

A competitive MtG deck cost 5XX € upfront, maybe ? To play ANR competitively it cost at least 3XX if you find an old collection. A Pkmntcg deck for tournament should cost around 200 € if I’m not mistaking… I could go on.

Find a CCG/LCG who’s cheaper to buy in than Faeria. I’m genuinely interested. =/

All those complaints seems really unfair to me.

Just because other card games cost that much doesn’t mean this one should. There is a great opportunity to make a game with excellent playability AND price lower than the competition. People would flock to join up

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Look, I don’t want the migraine of responding to 3 different people who disagree with me, and then arguing with them over the course of a week, so I will just clarify a few of my points and say some other things.

A lot of the responses I’ve seen to my post are complaints people have that apply to CCGs or TCGs as a whole.

People who spend more time will have more cards than you, that’s how this genre works, you collect over time and those who spend more time have more cards. There is an option to pay, but you don’t have to.

I won’t waste my time answering each little thing, I won’t change anyone’s mind.

As a general rule of the genre of card games, those who invest more, have more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great experience for free, it will just take time, just like everyone else.

Cynic, if you don’t have the energy or desire to discuss things with people, you should stick to a blog instead of a discussion board.

Physical TCGs/CCGs and modern Online CCGs are two very different beasts. In the real world, you can buy any card you want from a shop for a reasonable price (“reasonable” in relation to its physical rarity), and you can trade cards (of similar value/rarity) one-for-one with friends or strangers to get what you need. (For that matter, new players can also borrow decks from friends.) If you are going to deflect a valid criticism with “yeah but people also have to pay for things in ‘real’ CCGs”, that’s going to fall flat because neither the business model nor the experience is the same.

I like Faeria a lot and I do actually think the devs are pretty fair about their business model. Huge props to them for designing it well. In the same breath, I think it’s really important that the business model stays fair. The second that power creep combines with high rarity (see: Cards & Castles), all of the good goes out the window and the game becomes a patent pay-to-win.


That’s the point, it doesn’t. [quote=“Wavelength, post:9, topic:3910”]
If you are going to deflect a valid criticism with “yeah but people also have to pay for things in ‘real’ CCGs”, that’s going to fall flat because neither the business model nor the experience is the same.

Actually, Faeria is also the cheapest Online competitive CCG I’ve ever played. They could have gone way more expensive without no-one noticing.

But I see your point, it’s important that the game stay that way. I just think it’s better to remind the dev by praising what is actually good instead of complaining about something we know almost nothing.

Complaining about the communication, fine. Saying that Abrakam is all about quick cash as I saw lately is stupid and unfair.


Yep, totally agree we need to be fair and heap tons of praise on Abrakam for the many many things they are doing well, too.

For a much cheaper CCG business model you can look at that of Astral Heroes, though I don’t know how successful that model really is.

If Faeria is the cheapest Online CCG you have played then you should try Shadowverse, you would be surprised.

Also compairing online CCGs with physical ones is stupid. First of all there is no trading. secondly cards in paper TCGs like Magic go up in value so in time you take some of the money back. Also in TCGs you have to pay printers, shipping costs and a lot of other things that digital doesn’t have.

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Giving you an opportunity to talk to a new player who likes the Solo missions :slight_smile: . Because I think it’s excellent. I’ve been playing for a few days and realizing I am too weak in cards to go into ranked yet (duh) just went for the solo missions and also Pandora.

Pandora is another topic entirely, but the solo content for me seems very well done. It’s doing a great job of teaching me as a new player, while providing some nice challenges (the puzzles later on are pretty well done and quite hard sometimes). It’s true that there is no story. However there is a lot of personality behind it (freakin loved the ogre dance party). Not to mention that I am very much satisfied with the amount of gold and chests they give.

…but F*k Rapala. Seriously.

Shadowverse. Try it, You get ~80 packs for free and the daily gold gain is huge. You don’t have to spend a single dime to get competitive if you play for a week.

Compared to that I bought the largest gem pack available in steam client (21000) and converted all of them to packs and got 1 legend card out of it. To tell the truth that was my last time spending money on this game. This much low drop rate in unacceptable.

It just feels like they are trying to squeeze as much money out of the players as possible in a short time.
I mean they have the Steam DLC and a week later they release information about an expansion.
They must have planned this for months and 8€ for pre-order for something you pretty much know nothing about? That’s shady. (
All these are vague outlines about what is in that adventure pouch. And to me it doesnt sound like you get much out of your 9€. And dont get me started on their 4h Twitch commercial. This all reeks like a quick cash grab.
I really like faeria but I think they should fix the game before working on an expansion. There many bugs and the game feels like it needs more polishing.

I don’t know Shadowverse so I went looking. It seems that there is the same debate there regarding P2W or money investment :

I’m not saying it’s actually the same, but at least there is element to say that it maybe is not that cheaper. I’ll try it tho because I love card games. :smiley:

You had only 1 legendary in 84 packs ? That’s really really unfortunate. I opened maybe a hundred and got 7 or so (double legendaries pak helped). Honestly I feel you, it just sucks ! >.>

It’s not that stupid actually. What’s the difference between paying for overpriced pieces of cardboards and overpriced pixels ? The argument of intrinsic value is just based on MtG (and maybe pkmntcg). My L5R ccg collection ? Worthless since the game died. My NR collection ? same. My ANR LCG collection ? I would be happy to sell it for the quarter of its value. My fullset of Behind cards ? Worthless. Same with WoWTCG, Wakfu TCG etc etc…

Outside of MtG, you just spend money you will most likely never see coming back. That’s not that different. Maybe I just made peace with the fact that card games cost money) while others didn’t.

The trading part I agree. But with the ability to use multiple account (multiplying free stuff and redirecting it to a main account) it would mean doing thing like pkmntcg (free stuff cannot be exchanged). But I could make a case for it. :slight_smile:

I already told you. printing, packaging, shipping, storing and all the other stuff I probably don’t know about. Compairing them is like compairing apples to oranges.

My only complain with Faeria is that they aren’t completely open with us. Can you buy the expansion with gold? Will the Co-Op be only for those who pay?

And also why add 6 new cards just a week after the game released just so you gift them to those who pre-order?

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You didnt know Shadowverse and the 1st thing you do is going into the forum and search for a post which was on the 2nd page of Feedbacks…

Jokes apart. Play the game for 1 day and then tell me “Faeria is the cheaper”. I will be here. Waiting…

It’s not the first thing I did. I just read the forums looking for any information on the business model and if players were happy with it. Since it’s the core of our conversation it doesn’t seems so strange to me. I also stated that I was not saying it was actually the same.

I’m also decided to play it for a while. Don’t assume I’m a dishonest person. If Shadowverse is a good game who happens to be cheap, I would be the first person to recommend it to other. :slight_smile:

Yeah because developping software, maintaining server etc… doesn’t cost money. It’s probably cheaper I agree, but we also got free stuff in online cg while almost none in irl cg. You actually can compare apples to oranges if you only want to know which ones are cheaper to eat.

Totally agree on the information part. They released info pourly and I hope it will be fixed. :slight_smile:

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Glad we agree, at least at most things. I hope they fix it too because I really like the game and it would be a shame to lose players because of it.

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