Some talking about Elementals (updated)

I took into concideration comments to this post on reddit and my other thoughts on this specific issue.

As you all know, there are 4 types of colour-specific elementals. They are used for creating specific lands to accelerate your land-development and to be proactive in game.

Each specific type of elementals tend to support the general idea of the colour and the architypes` mechanics: Wood elementals are more durable (2/4) and have “Taunt”, Air elementals have high attack(4/2) and ability “Fly”, like many other yellow creatures, Water elementals are equalised stat-wise(3/3) and have “Jump” ability. I believe you getting my point, right?

What has Fire elemental to offer, except it has +1 attack on top of Air elemental? Does it REALLY demonstrates the red mechanics or architypes? The other 3 elementals have a text ability on top of their “Gift” ability, and those abilities come in handy pretty often.

Elementals are most strong in the early turns, but how useful is a 5/2 faerie collector for 4 mana? You most likely wont even have a chance to fully utilise his 5 damage because he would rather be killed by AoE or a low-value creature.

Currently I have 5 suggestions:

  1. Remove 1 attack point from Fire elemental, make it 4/2 like the stats of the Air elemental, but give Fire elemental an ability “Combat”: every time this creature attacks, gain 1 faerie.
  2. Make the Fire elemental 4/2 but the ability could be “Combat” : every time this creature attacks, deal 2 (or 1) damage to the opponent.
  3. Third variant - the same 4/2 with “Last words”: deal 2 damage to the opponent.
  4. The 4th variant - 4/2, the text ability is following: whenever this attacks discount a cost of a random card in your hand by 2.
  5. If those above dont make the cut - go lazy and give that poor Red elemental +1 attack and make it 6/2 for 4 mana (Shade in yellow - 6/1 for 3 mana).

Oh, oh! I have a suggestion! Why don’t we give it “Combat - Gift of Steel’s in your deck or hand cost 1 less” /s

No, but really, if you’re going to change it just make it a 2/2 with ranged. Or even a 1/3 with ranged. Fire Elemental might be in a perfectly fine spot. The lack of a color-themed keyword is aesthetically displeasing at worst.