Regularly one does not get the chance to read the cards that your partner is using (appearing on the left side of the screen), not to talk about knowing what is happening. Sometimes there is a huge fireworks, but it is impossible to follow and see what is exactly happening.
Is there a way to slow down that proces or even pause the game, so one can understand what is happening?

I’m not aware of a current slow down or pause mechanic when your AI partner or opponent is acting. I also agree that the left side history only showing the past few actions is not helpful to a new player. I’d prefer if they found a way to list all previous card placements and interactions, without cluttering the UI. That said, after you study all the cards, it becomes less frustrating. After only a few months with Faeria, I rarely reflect on the left side history. Sorry it’s not a solution, but I hope it clarifies the situation, at least.

I did not realise it is possible to look at the history at all. I’ll have to check that. Anyway, sometimes half a dozen things happen in a fraction of a second, which makes things very difficult to follow. Sometimes 5 or 6 creatures of the opponent change at the same time or your own units change at the same time and half a second later 2 or 3 of your own units have disappeared without any logical explanation. Very confusing.

But thanks for the mentioning of the history.