[Spoiler] The list of Lorepages

This is the list of lorepages, or more precisely, a catalog of 'em.
Screencaps were taken in 1600×900@59Hz, Highest.
It will be listed in the same order as the ingame one, but cards from expansions will be separated in their own posts.
If you have screencaps of your own, feel free to message them to me, which I will gladly add to the list.

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Classic Neutral

Baron Thulgar

Day of the Dragons

Falcon Dive

Freedom Fighter

Imperial Drain

King’s Faithful

Magda, Queen of Meroval

Magnus, King of Meroval

Prairie Yak

Queen’s Assassin

Queen’s Favorite

Radiance, Imperial Airship

Sharra, Dragon Slayer

Shimmering Statue

Time of Legends

Unlikely Hero

Classic Green

Elderwood Embrace

Eredon, Voice of All

Possessed Ursus

Ruunin’s Presence

Ruunin, The Relentless

Soulbound Sagami

Tarum, the Forest World

Tethra, Soul of the Wild

Three Wishes

Thyrian Golem

Tiki Caretaker

Voice of Hunger

Classic Blue

Aurora’s Dream

Aurora, Myth Maker

Baeru, the First Wave

Mirror Phantasm

Orosei, Dream of the Deep

Ruby Fish

Three Wishes

Triton Warrior

Classic Red

Blood Song

Garudan, Heart of the Mountain

Grim Guard

Ignus, the First Flame

Krog, the Ogre King

Lord of Terror

Seifer, Blood Tyrant

Three Wishes

Classic Yellow

Azarai, Wrath of the Desert

Demon Wrangler

Doomgate, Door to Oblivion

Iona, Beloved by All

Khalim, Sky Prodigy

Mistral Guide

Oradrim Fanatic

Three Wishes

Windstorm Archer



Emperor Kaios

Goki, Friendly Miner

Mobie, Azure Skywhale



The Tree of Everlife

Ulani, Oversky Shaman


Dream Keeper


Fugoro, Merchant of Wonders

Ulani, Oversky Shaman


CAP-10, Sky Pirate

Ulani, Oversky Shaman


Istanu, Eternal Light

Ulani, Oversky Shaman

Fall of Everlife


Blightblade Knight

Deranged Monkey

Imperial Drakerider

Imperial Trooper

Kaios, Demented Overmind

Laya, Lady of Sorrows

Lost Explorer

Mother of All Yaks

Rakoan Champion

Shadowsilk Faerie


Emerald Yak

Haunted Willow

Hunt Down

Majinata, Spirit of Everlife


Rakoan Shieldmates

Rakoan Warleader

Rotting Boar


Flying Piranha

Monstrous Hydra

Orphan Fugu

Rain of Fish

Rakoan Illusionist

Rakoan War Machine

Rapala, the Dopefish

Sapphire Yak


Baldurion, Evil Archsmith


Lavasurge Axolotl


Rakoan Cannoneer

Rakoan Warleader

Rakoan War Machine

Ruby Yak


Demonic Salmon

Ghost Dragon

Lion Fish

Rakoan Cannoneer

Rakoan Illusionist

Rakoan Shieldmates


Spirit Theft

Topaz Yak

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