Spot Lethal #6 is now available!

The sixth episode of Spot Lethal!
A Youtube-show by J0k3se.

In this episode the following players were invited:

Noaphiel - Team Addicted
Utoko - Team Addicted

MrLink - Infinite Solution
Blackscape - Team Element

If you want to be in a future episode, let me know in the comments!

I found an alternative solution, I think

-Potential SPOILER -

Shift the charger to B3;
-frogify it
-hop to C5
-sunken tower to C6
-Aurora it

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Yup, your solution does work, well done !

By the way, there’s a Spoiler thing on this forum : write [ spoiler ] “Your spoil” [ / spoiler ] without the spaces :slight_smile:

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