Spot Lethal (Episode 1)

Good morning guys!
I have hinted about a new Faeria-show for a few days now, here is the very first episode, put together by myself and Aquablad!!
The show is called “Spot Lethal”. Invited players try to solve a puzzle (finding the lethal play) as quickly as they can! Can you spot it quicker than the amazing invited players?

A lot of time went into creating this, but I had so much fun! And I wouldnt have been able to do it without @Aquablad. If you like it and want to see more, please like this post or the video :slight_smile:


really cool puzzle ! i like it !


  • make the video shorter, maybe less people trying (30mn is way too long!)
  • illustrate the solution with some circles, arrow or anything. and if it can be made for the player tries too, sometimes they speak way too fast to follow their ideas :smiley: