Stick to the color themes, dont mix/lose them (themes included)

green: taunt, heal, buffs, strong stats, fast land growth, last words, growth with # of forests

  • weakness: slow~ lack of movement tricks, lack of removal
    blue: draw, jump, aquatic, faeria ramp, transform, land tricks, growth with harvest from enemy well
  • weakness: weaker bodies, weak to aoe, lack of hard removal
    red: ranged, angry (higher attack > def), direct damage, aoe dmg, combat, faeria cost reduction, growth with # of deaths
  • weakness: no hard removal, healing (vs burn)
    yellow: haste, flying, sacrifice, free faeria, hard removal, god-attacking buffs, deathtouch, drain stats, movement tricks, growth with # of events
  • weakness: weak bodies, weak to taunt/aoe

But I’m seeing too much mixing of the themes. for example, blue is supposed to have weaker bodies for the higher mobility it has early on (aquatic and jump). but now it can failed experiment its weak bodies (lore thief, aurora, prophet) or transform it with mirror phantasm, and it can buff its creatures +2/+2 with trainer, +2/0 mystic beast and +2/+2 archon +1/+1 commander, +6/+6 aurora. These buffs aren’t transforms. no more weakness

same with red, it now has +3/+3 gift, +1/+1 axe grinder, and can trade even with green because of its buffs and spell damage.

who has the better buffs now? probably blue with trainers and aurora.

this is coming from a player that played season 1, then took a long break until full release. When i come back, there was a loss in color theme identity. Blue lost its protection theme, red basically lost ranged theme, green lost a lot of turtling potential without old shrine and old avenger.

I don’t think you should be mixing the color themes. Why? because that was the fun of mixing colors in decks. Green is slow without movement, you don’t give it teleport in green, you let the player mix in blue land tricks or yellow movement tricks. Blue has weak bodies, mix in green. Red has no hard removal, mix in yellow. Now you introduce rock that is sharp enough to cut paper. I enjoyed the RPS aspect, because thats why you looked to mix colors to shore up your weaknesses.

For the expansion, i’d like to see cards that focus on the colors themes, not new cards like trainer that confuse the themes. if you want to give colors a way to cover their weakness, you put it in neutral. horsemaster for movement in green. falcon dive for removal in blue. these are weaker versions than counterparts in colored factions, but they are available to all colors and still keep integrity of color themes


Super agree with this.

It’s a lot easier to make a “do everything” deck in one colour now where before you had to make compromises because the colours had unique constraints, which have become fewer and fewer.

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exactly. I don’t really have to consider color constraints when deckbuilding, if colors have access to everything. like thats the most fun part of faeria, trying out different color combinations and seeing what works and what doesnt, what colors make the other stronger and works well together.

now its like, well blue works well with more blue so lets just go mono-blue :smiley:

i mean that’s why they took out lord of terror deathtouch, so red didnt have hard removal, and had to dip into yellow for it. I really really hope the new 30 cards will not make the mistake of crossing themes

Yes, I agree too. As a new player, when I pick a colour to build a deck, I am often confused what I am going for with that deck. More distinctive characteristics for each colour with clear tradeoffs between different strengths and weaknesses would be fun.

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I really agree with most of what you said, so i’ll list the cards i think are breaking the themes of colors as sorted by color
-Ruunin’s shrine -This card doesn’t fit in with green’s faeria gaining themes of big creature sacrifice (like feed the forest) or slow growth (life faeria tree). It feels to me like more a a yellow card where you gain an advantage at a price.
-God hunter, Ruunin’s messenger, and Feral kodama -These cards have jump, which is blue’s mobility theme.
Sagami Grovecaller -This card has teleport, which is one of yellow’s mobility themes
-In my mind green’s mobility theme is only dash.
-Triton Banquet -Cards that strait up give stats are part of green’s theme.
-Dream Reaver -This card has dash, which is green’s/yellow’s mobility theme
-Ninja Toad -Haste is yellow’s theme
-This is where i disagreed with the post blue’s way of “buffing” stats, it actually is setting stats which is part of blue’s theme. Also i don’t know if blue’s mobility theme is supposed to include charge, but if not then Gabrian commander and archon shouldn’t have charge.
-Gift of steel -Not only do i hate this card, but also it goes against red’s theme of only on board attack buffs (like Kobold Barracks or the old gift of steel [pre buffed]). i think it should just give even more attack to a creature if it has combat.
-Seifer, Blood Tyrant -This card i also hate, also it seems to me more like a drain card which is yellow’s theme.
-Khalim’s training -Attack buffs are red’s theme or arguably green’s theme
-Oradrim’s Fanatic -Jump is blue’s mobility theme
And finally i’d just like to say that creatures getting bigger if a condition is met eg. all the faeries, Gabrian commander and archon, axe grinder, and that yellow card that gets buffed for each time you hit orb. are NOT a theme of green, they belong to every color. Buffs on board like elderwood embrace and the tiki cards are in like with green’s theme.

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