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Look for Wood Elementals, Sagami Warriors, Living Willows and Verduran Forces. If you have one of those, you can also keep an Elderwood Embrace, Ruunin’s Guidance or a Sagami Grovecaller.

Power Wheel Usage

You’ll need to create at least five forests to play the Thyrian Golems. If you haven’t drawn any Golems early, you can make three at first and create the rest once you draw Golems.

Double neutrals are useful when you don’t need to meet a higher forest requirement and don’t need to summon creatures on that land. They allow you to get landblock and reach your opponent faster.

Once you’ve created all the lands you currently need, drawing cards is a good option. The deck has a low faeria average and some useful utility cards, so drawing helps you find the tools you need to get an advantage over your opponent.

How to Play

This deck can play aggressively or defensively as necessary. Against most decks, create lands on one side and go past the faeria wells.

Summon cheap faeria collectors next to the wells and position strong creatures in front of them. Kill your opponent’s creatures with the strong creatures. Use the buff and teleport cards to make good trades.

Keep playing creatures and your opponent will eventually run out of ways to kill them. The Living Willow + Feed the Forest combo can be used to get extra faeria to play even more creatures.

Once your opponent is in a weak spot and can’t defend, move in and finish them off.

Matchup Strategies

While playing against rush, collect faeria and defend near your orb. Put a taunt creature in front of your orb to stop haste creatures. Once your opponent runs out of steam, make a forest near their orb and summon or teleport a creature there to finish them off.

Against burn decks, play more aggressively and make double neutrals whenever you can without sacrificing too much faeria collection. Use Ruunin’s Guidance to heal burn damage.

Against combo decks that don’t defend themselves, like Disciple OTK, rush your opponent. If their win condition depends on one creature, kill that as soon as you can.

Green Yellow Sacrifice is a hard matchup, but it’s winnable. Play aggressively and finish the match before they get to summon Soul Eaters. Use teleports to get your creatures out deathtouch range.