Still no sign in?

I was told that someone would look into the matter, over a week ago. I made an account, and had to reinstall the game. Rather than signing in, it was making me make another account. I posted about this, and was told that I would get some help, and I thanked for any future help they would give. That was over a week ago, as previously stated, and still nothing was told to me, not even a “go ahead and make another account because we are too lazy to look in the matter,” which I would have been fine with. Instead, I waited for the previously said amount for something to happen and only received silence. Glad to see the false assurances and incompetence, which I see on other topics as well.

Hi Yoplman,

My apologies for not replying sooner.

When you say that you ‘reinstalled’ the game, can you confirm if this was after refunding the game in the past or for some other reason, please?

The reason why I ask is because when Faeria is first purchased and downloaded your Steam Account ID is linked to the Faeria account you create. If, for some reason, you refunded Faeria then the link between the two would be broken and you would need to create a new Faeria account to link to your Steam Account ID.

If, however, you had simply uninstalled then installed it for another reason then your Faeria account should still be linked to your Steam ID and you’d automatically be able to log back into your account. No auth required.

I’ll request the devs take a look at your account now and will get back to you as soon as I have a response.

I promise :wink:

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Hi yoplman,

After the next patch, scheduled in the next few days, we will be able to remove any links between your old Faeria account and your Steam ID. You’ll then be able to set up a new account and start playing.

I’ll notify you here of any changes, alternatively you can send us an email at and make you aware of the change via email.


Thank you for your help, sorry if my post seemed to be demeaning or rude in any way, if anything it should be viewed as constructive criticism, but you seem not to need such since you were on top of it. Again, thank you for any and all effort you give to help me and others of the growing Faeria community.

No worries :slight_smile: Not being able to play can be frustrating.

Can you send your username and email details (for both accounts) to, please, and I’ll ask the Devs to change it as soon as they can.