Store Suggestion Common Mythics in Mythic Chests

This is my own suggestion/feedback which I was hoping to e-mail privately. I don’t really know how the community on the boards is but some members of the Faeria community in Discord are super defensive or actually a little condescending when it comes to suggestions like this (which has to do with the store items and money).

Please make Common mythics less common in Mythic Chests.

Rare - Very Common
Epic - Common
Common - Uncommon
Legendary - Very Uncommon

I would be happy if Common mythics were as rare as Legendary cards in general.

I wish I could tell you a story about who I am and what I do, but no one has time for that sort of thing.

What it comes down to is that I don’t really have excess money. When I spend money that I have put aside for my own enjoyment, I don’t spend it lightly.

Hosting a ftp game, I imagine you are familiar with customers like me.

After hours of playing Pandora, Casual and Ranked trying to catch a mythic in battle chests I finally decided that I can spend $5.00 on 2 mythic chests.

All of the mythic cards were common, except 1 rare I believe. Disenchanting them I got barely enough to craft one 80mc card.

Feeling bad already, because I’m playing decks and I know I’m playing them well, but I feel the gap of the missing synergistic cards that I can’t get yet… now I’ve spent $5 on one single Epic card (and a few avatars that I’m not really into) and now I feel horrible. I don’t plan on purchasing another mythic chest.

I also bring this up because I’ve seen people talk on discord about getting 4 common mythics in a chest and they tag it “FeelsBadMan”

This is my suggestion. I’m only putting it out there.



Not sure if they will be that generous but I definitely agree with less Common cards and more Rare and Epic ones in Mythic Chests. Perhaps if we can choose to exclude cosmetic items like avatar, orb and wells. I guess that’s the main reason for Mythic Chests costing so much and low return on cards.

Mythic Chests can only be purchased with gems and they are so much harder to get compared with Battle Chests. If you only buy Battle Chests with gold, then the difference in price is more than times (if you buy Goki to accumulate gold).

Goki = 14000+ gold per 1000 gems = 14+ battle chests per 1000 gems


1.33 mythic chests per 1000 gems

I don’t necessarily agree with the idea itself, I do agree with the sentiment in general. I wanted to do a huge gem drop to get some gold chests, but I’m delaying it because of the low expectations about the chests themselves. Not only any cosmetics are randomized and there is no cosmetics buyout (like bad RNG in overwatch) except for random deals, but the cards you get are mostly commons and thus really low on value crafting wise.

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I do understand the sentiment.

First off I want to say that mythics and avatars are totally optional. You dont have to own them to be successful in-game. Abrakam kinda makes money on people hoping to open a mythic chest and getting the one mythic card they’re missing for their collection.
And the core game is free.
For that complain is kinda like saying Lamborghini should make their cars cheaper because I can’t afford one.
Those cars are really optional and non-vital and any other car would do their job just fine.

Other than that I think rearranging the rarity (for being a mythic) would shift the game to more pay to win. Currently as it is everyone has the same chance on getting a legendary but if you make mythic legendaries more common it would mean players would get more value out of spending money and more memoria to craft the cards.

And lastly getting 4 common mythics in a chest is just chance. It’s kinda first world problems.

I understand your opinion, but like @Jeffbert has said, if you change the rarity in Mythic Chests and not in Normal Chests, the game will become a P2W. And only for this reason i don’t agree with this suggestion.

I disagree with both of you somewhat gentle men. As to specifics, not as to sentiment in general. I do agree mythic chests should not be the go-to place for farming more cards, at best they should be the same value with a bonus. BUT! from my limited experience, I’m not tempted at all to get mythics. I can very well drop 15€ just to get one card back and a bunch of memoria I don’t even need - I keep my memoria balance fine with just the free rewards.

I can also land all the stuff I want for 15€, but that’s unlikely. And since there is no exchange nor currency for cosmetics, the ones I don’t want can go f… run away. I ain’t in no way tempted to gamble with that unlikely a pay-off.

So, for me? It’s 3€ for 3 common cards and a chance at a random cosmetic. The value proposition feels abysmal.
(meaning I have much LESSER chances at good cards per 1€ I pay)

Also, fun fact - Lamborghini’s price is not dictated by CEO’s wanna. It’s an economy driven price that represents all the varying variables - from the need through the production cost, marketing boost and so on and so such. And yes, Lamborghini can in fact be too pricey if someone screws up when deciding on a price. What is not fine is shutting people down because they “dare” to comment on value proposition on display. I am well aware your comments were in no way malicious, yet what you attempted there is a consumer censorship. Abrakam is selling a product, and that product can and must be under scrutiny from the consumer base. It is indisputable right of that consumer base to comment and criticize the value proposition, and any attempt to shush it is a direct attempt at censorship - doesn’t matter where it comes from. To say more, it coming from community can have just as bad repercussions as it coming from the company themselves - if not worse, since it’s easier for a company to back off, than for it to control it’s playerbase.

Think G2A or CS roulette. Would you say these things would be ok and uncriticizable (is that a word?) as long as they had a f2p face shovelware to cover for them?

Let me start this off by saying, I believe the common draw rate from chests in this game is too high. A percent off of it tacked onto the Epic draw rate would be great. With that being said, whenever you open a chest, the chances of actually getting the card that you want it very low. As a F2P player, you really shouldn’t be taking your hard earned cash and spending it on Mythic chests. Pulling a crappy couple of chests just compounds the bad feelings that you already have about lacking enough cards. In the future buying 6 regular chests will give you 30 cards for the same value. You will probably pull duplicates. You will probably get a lot of commons, but you should also get a couple of rare cards as well. This is a much better use of your hard earned money. Once you find the decks that you enjoy, then maybe you can focus on crafting Mythic cards for the decks that you actually use.

I agree with @Xeta that if you increase the likelyhood of getting certain rarities in the more expensive chest(Which you can’t buy with gold mind you) you will have many people lining up and yelling “P2W!”. If you haven’t been playing the game that long, the last thing you should be worried about are mythic cards. They are a cool bonus you get once in awhile as you open packs. When you are playing the game with limited resources you should be focused on trying to obtain as many cards as you can, to make viable and fun decks. It is hard but disenchanting every mythic card you get to get closer to your goal of having all the cards, is more important when you don’t have much money to spend. These games make money by making you want to have the cosmetics, The card backs, and golden cards. Drawing an awesome mythic card you can’t use in any decks because you don’t have enough cards is not fun. The higher rarity mythic cards don’t have a high enough chance of being pulled, to warrant spending money on mythic chests, to disenchant for regular cards. Again I agree the common pull rate is too high. But Mythic cards are not the way to go if you have limited resources and are trying to get enough cards to enjoy the game.

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