Strategy and RNG, suggested changes

Good morning!

We are getting really close to 1.0 release and I am super excited about that!
The one thing I really hope for is a boost in playercount, and I am pretty sure we will get that because the game is awesome :slight_smile:

If you have been part of the early access for this past year you will know that the developers introduced some heavy-rng cards but quickly removed them after the community spoke up. Many are drawn to Faeria because of the strategic, chess-like aspects of the game and want little uncontrolable-RNG inside the game outside of the carddraw.
There are many random effects in Faeria, but most of them can be controlled or atleast you can play the odds (Oakling, Ogre Dance, Hellfire, Soulbound Sagami, Fortune Hunter) and I like these cards.

But there are a few others that are very difficult to use strategically and those are the cards that gives you random cards (Luduan, Ruunins Messenger, Magda, Spellwhirl, Bloomsprite, Ruunins Presence) and those are the kind of cards I believe are bad for the game from a strategic point of view. You can argue that its the other way around, because with the new random card (often discounted) you might have to make new strategic decisions.
But usually during a game you try to figure out what your opponent is playing and that might give you hints on what he might do next, for example if my opponent is playing Green and Blue and drops a Living Willow and a Sturdy Shell I will be very carefull to not step to close incase of a gabrian enchantment. Or if my opponent is playing Rebel Slingers and Seifers Fodder I might want to save my Choking Sand or Auroras Trick for a Grim Guard. You will also often keep track on how many copies of a certain card did my opponent play already. This is something I believe is good for the game and it is very fun. But when random cards are added from outside of your deck or collection it gets incredibly difficult to make predictions (for the user and the opponent!). It gets worse if the card/creature can produce multiple cards, for example Luduan and Ruunins Messenger, they are much harder to play around/with than Bloomsprite or Ruunins Presence.

For the super experienced players, this is manageable, but as the cardpool grows its gona get more and more difficult to try to make strategic decisions instead of just hoping for the best.

I dont mind that Luduan and Messengere are really strong, it is okay to have strong creatures in a game, but I was thinking of other but still similar ways they could be designed. They would still be strong, but (hopefully) less frustrating to play/plan against.

For example, one trigger could be “Draw a copy of the top X card of your deck, it cost Y less”. (X could be a specific thing, like “Creature”, “Structure”, “Event” or just nothing). You could also add conditions such as colors, to make it more consistent and make deckbuilding more relevant. This would in many cases be a buff to the card as it gives you not only information of future draws but you also gain a card that synergizes with your deck (and certain cards like Wandering Monk). It would also make Egg of Wonders really fun :wink:

You could also have the same trigger but remove the “copy”. It would take away from the information of upcoming draws but it would solve some other frustrating moments that could come up (double Aurora).

I obviously dont expect you to have time to test these changes so close to release, but it might be something to think about for the future cards? Or maybe most players disagree with me and want more of this kind of RNG? Maybe I am biased because I think the deckbuilding part of the game is so much fun :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?



I think RNG cards that your opponent can stop from getting value (like luduan, messenger) are fine. You get a reward for achieving a certain goal. I don’t like magda/bloomsprite so much and also don’t like stuff like warstorm than can completely change a game.

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I have written a few responses to this, and each time deleted it to start again, which tells me I am not 100% sure how I feel about random cards. Of the cards you mentioned, Magda is my least favorite, but only because she produces such powerful cards with what seems like very little effort.

Though having cards that have random effects can be a lot of fun, and very interesting. What is not fun is when you are just trying to roll that 20, such is the case of the Tuskar Totemic from Hearthstone who just wants a Totem Golem to appear. But those are free cards that go directly to the board. In Ruunin’s Presence case, you are getting a random card, but you still have to pay or it – so not free, just buffed, but you payed for it preemptively.

As for strategic predictability, I don’t know what is in anyone deck, I can make assumptions based on what they have played and the meta, but I really don’t know. That said, I think the greatest issue is in the amount of extra cards a player can obtain from these effects, especially if they are discounted. Going back to Magda, she just keeps putting discounted cards into your hand, as does Luduan, and Ruunin’s Messenger. If they weren’t discounted, I think I would take less issue.

While I like some random effect cards, I would not want to see too many of them, and it would be preferred if they were more like the discovery effect in Hearthstone, where you get to choose from a small selection of random cards, for strategies sake.

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Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:

I just thought of some other ideas that I think would make things really interesting in both deckbuilding but also intensify the tension of drawing cards.

Messenger: Whenever this creatures attack a god, the next creature you draw cost 2F less.

Bloomsprite: Last words: The next creature you draw gains +2+2.

Luduan: When harvesting from an enemy well, look at the top 3 cards of your deck, draw one and move one to the bottom of the library and one to the top of the library.