Streaming Faeria

Hey Buddy´s

I Just want to thank you all for the last month, my Twitch chanel is growing and growing :slight_smile: thats really nice to see that you enjoy my work there!
I want to improve my skill as a Caster and Streamer so pls dont stop to give me some advices! I have always a open ear for some new ideas!

Last but not least i want to say help me growing and help me build a strong an healthy community in my chanel i really appriciate it :slight_smile:

If you want to check my chanel:

My last YouTube Video you can finde here :slight_smile:

Thank´s a lot for your Support! :slight_smile:

ahh Btw check out our Team on Twitter: Team Element :slight_smile:

cya :slight_smile:


Great stream Blackscape! :slight_smile:

My favorite part was ofcourse this:


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Thank you for your Feedback . and yes this deck was/is really funny to Play :smiley: i will Keep on doing it :wink: