Structures and their impact

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The new change to structures allows them to be activated the turn they’re played. This change alone has empowered structures to be seen in competitive play. Before this change, cards like Derelict Tower and Altar of Souls rarely saw play outside of Pandora. The Monthly Cup displayed the power of structures and how they are now a big part of Faeria’s competitive scene.

Altar of Souls

Altar of Souls has become a powerful structure with the change. A three Faeria structure that provides a constant flow of 6/1 creatures is very powerful for many reasons. It comes at the price of two health from your Orb but with healing cards you’ll easily be able to sustain yourself.

A 6/1 Slaughtering Shadow for one Faeria is incredible value. This card can contest a lot of Faeria’s mid-range creatures and will be difficult for decks that don’t have removal. Green and Blue decks without Falcon Dive could struggle against the turn by turn generation of Shadows. This will result in them prioritizing destroying your Altar of Souls.

Another practical use for Slaughtering Shadows is sacrificing them for other card effects. Cards like Shaytan Assassin and Death Walker can take advantage of these cheap, reoccurring creatures. In a Green Yellow Sacrifice deck these Shadows will also empower your Soul Eaters.

Finally this card has incredible synergy with Doomgate, Door to Oblivion. Being able to provide cheap creatures to feed your Doomgate will get you closer to unleashing Ostregoth. Remember you can activate Doomgate on the turn it is played.

Derelict Tower

The health and damage output of this card could make it an auto include in any Red deck. Three Faeria for four damage is fantastic value especially when you can use it immediately. One damage can be the different between clearing a creature and it living another turn. This allows Red to extend the reach of their damage over multiple turns.

Derelict Tower can also target other structures like Flame Burst. If structures do become very popular then Derelict Tower could be strong answer to them.

Lord of Terror is a new powerhouse for burn strategies. Derelict Tower can hit Lord of Terror for one and deal two damage to your opponent. This combo gives Derelict Tower the potential to inflict eight damage over three turns! Combined this with cards like Falcon Dive and Famine and Lord of Terror can be terrifying!

Sunken Tower

Land movement is a game changing mechanic within Faeria. Blue has several options for land manipulation but Sunken Tower might be one of the best. As a structure it is harder to remove without a creature being near it. This card was very popular in mid-range Blue and I can easily see it being a staple for future versions of the deck. Combined with cards like Tritons Banquet you can give your creatures incredible mobility.

Overgrowth Tower

Green is the king of power-ups and already has a wealth of great buff option. What sets Overgrowth Tower from the rest is the ability to spread your power across multiple creatures. Event or Gift based power-ups are single target and a one off use. With the tower you can give buffs over the course of match essentially giving you multiple Camp Fires. This applies pressure in itself because your opponent will always have to play as if any of your creatures can gain +1/+1.


Structures have found their place in Faeria and I’m excited to see how they influence the meta-game. Be sure to try weaving structures into your decks as they can provide excellent support.

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