Stuck in a loop of crashes after Rapala fight

After I got an error message during a Rapala epic mission where creatures evolve after each turn, I am stuck in a loop now. As soon as I log in, I get an error message where I can only click a button that says ‘exit’. When I click it, the game closes. This happens every time I log in now and I am unable to quit or continue the fight. In other words, I am unable to play the game right now.

I sent a bug report about this too with a bit more detail. I opted to post it here as well because it is a very severe bug. I would like to see it fixed as soon as possible because I cannot play the game right now.

I play the steam version from a pc. Feel free to contact me for any questions regarding this issue.

EDIT: around the time I made this post, another post popped up about the same issue: here