Sugestion for ingame communication and information

I have been playing this game for a while now and noticed the lack of communications with other players.

I recently played a game in Pandora with someone who was equally as good as I am, and it was the most fun I had in the game so far.
After the game I wanted to add the player to my friendslist, but since there is no way of knowing who you played with and there is no log of the games you played, it makes this impossible.
Also there is no chat in the game and the info on the pages like Profile is fairly limited.

It would be great to see a log on your Profile page showing who you played with and what the results were (like in LoL)
It would be fun if there was a chat to talk with players in the game, of course with swearing removed and a blacklist/mute option.

I hope this gets added in some way or fuels ideas.

Hey CrossFire!

A big part of the playerbase is in the Discord channel. When you open your friendslist there is a link in the bottom, if you click it you will access it :slight_smile:

Ofcourse not everyone is there, and they might use different names, but atleast its a start :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip J0k3se.
I already checked this out before and found it a rather confusing webpage/chat room.
But I understand you can chat with Faeria players with this.

Being able to friend your “last person played” is definitely a feature we’d like for the future, but haven’t had the chance to implement it yet. Going along with this, being able to whisper or message your friends in game is also something we think would be positive for the game.

I can’t say for sure when we will get around to developing these features, but it’s an often requested quality of life change we know would go far.

As J0k3 mentioned, we do provide a moderated Discord channel for now as an alternative - but we recognize not all players want to use a third party program to communicate with others.

Thanks for your feedback!

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