Suggest to create daily awards

Create awards for a daily entrance to a game, for example within a week. Every day the award has to increase. If the player hasn’t come into a game the counter is reset. It will motivate players to come into a game and will raise the general online. Just do it because it is simple and very value.

Like in inifinity wars!

This system is kind of present already via Phantom coin runs and Daily quests. Though I wouldn’t be against expanding it to include a simple sign in bonus

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I personally hate this structure - forcing me to log in as a sort of “attendance” rather than rewarding me for playing the game well. I see it as a chore, not as an engaging reward.

However, I will admit I might not be representative of the majority here.

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The fact is that it appears as a clumsy incentive : “we want you to come back, please, we’ll even give you rewards !”. The proble it raises is that some players becoming more and more inactive will find there a pretext to just log in, but won’t feel the need to do their daily quests, as they can earn gold without these, and will in the end completely stop playing (but may still log in) before a new expansion / additional content / stimuli.

I thought this was going to be a suggestion for random stats for the day to be shown on the Hub eg.

Most efficient Faeria gain in a match = despich 5.8/turn
Most creatures sacrificed in one turn = ZebassZender 5
Longest Ranked win streak = Ramora 14

etc. etc.

That seems like a good idea to me. I don’t really like the advent calendar reward system thing though. It’s a bit too heavy on the addiction encouragement.

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