[Suggestion] A neutral card for minor healing

Hey, just an idea that I had about a new card.

The purpose of this card is to be an optional inclusion in control decks that could help them have some minor heal late game and survive agaisnt burn or face decks. I realise burn is a legit strategy, so this shouldn’t be instant win for control, just a bit of an extra edge.

Exhiled Traveller - Neutral, 3 faeria

Gift - add “Riches of the Land” to your hand

Riches of the Land - 1 faeria spell, Neutral

Gain 1 life for each special land you have

What do you guys think?

What I think : a card that’s not a problem to have early (harvester), so that’s not a dead card, that can give a heal that ranges easily from 3-4 (usually) to 6-7 (bicolors) to 8+ (3wishes decks).
Looks like an easy inclusion that wrecks burn strategies.

the idea of having a heal that works like this, maybe, but then it should be a dead card most of the time (when you’re full HP), not given by a harvester.

Well, that’s my opinion at least :slight_smile:

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Hm, so you feel like it’s on the strong side? I can see how thatmay be the case…

It’s interesting that you say that being a harvester alone makes it strong, because it’s not “dead”. What if it was a 1/1? Do you still feel it would be OP?

I say that would need testing :slight_smile:

In a non-control deck, that might not be OP at all (lower heal expected, need more to keep the tempo, and that’s awful for that), in a control deck however … it’s hard to say